Awesome sex moments

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I am joining in with others – Mrs Jones and Marriage Sex and More – to answer Brigit Delaney’s 30 Dirty Questions. As Brigit said:

These questions will all be about sex in some way and will be the sorts of questions that get a the core of a person’s desires, fears, and experiences. The sorts of questions that could really help you get to know another person.

~ Brigit Delaney

I think these questions serves not only to let you get to know the other person, but also to get you to think about your own preferences, desires, and dislikes.

Question 1: How do you define “awesome” sex (i.e. what makes sex better than good)?

What does “awesome” mean?

I thought it would be fun to start with the definition of ‘awesome’ first. When something is awesome, it’s causing or inducing awe, or inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear. When the word ‘awesome’ is used as slang, it means ‘very impressive’.

For this post, I am going with just that: ‘very impressive’. It can be replaced with ‘very good’ or ‘brilliant’ or ‘fantastic’, or well, just with ‘awesome’.

When is sex awesome?

What is awesome for me, will not necessarily be good for you too, simply because we like different things. But, there are always similarities. Think of those moments when after sex, you feel totally relaxed, and totally sated. Or those moments after sex when you are totally out of breath, and just lie there with a cheesy smile on your face. There can even be those moments when the feeling is so intensely overwhelming, that you cried after sex. Not sad tears, but happy tears. Tears that happened because the feeling after sex is so intensely overwhelming, that you can’t stop the tears.

And yes, sometimes sex is still pretty good, but we just get dressed afterwards and get on with our days, or give each other a kiss and go to sleep.

My awesome sex moments

I’ve had several encounters which I can classify as awesome sex, for several reasons.

First time squirting

It must have been only a few months after I got married for the first time, that my then husband and I had some frisky moments, in the living room, in the sun that streamed in through the windows. We were both on the floor, my back resting against the back, my legs spread wide and I watched as he vigorously fingered me. It was intensely erotic to see his fingers move in and out of me, and watching his face, seeing that he enjoyed it as much as I did. My orgasm built, and built, and when it finally overwhelmed me, I squirted.

It was awesome. Not immediately, because I had no idea where the fluids came from, but once I learned what it was, that afternoon became one of the highlights in my sexual history. And I still love to squirt!

Multiple orgasms

Another one of those moments was when I discovered I was multi-orgasmic. Up to that point, I didn’t even always reach an orgasm during sex. At the time I was in a relationship with an older man, and he really took the time for me. One afternoon, on a weekend trip away with some of my colleagues, he and I were in our bedroom. He fingered me, and brought me to orgasm, but instead of stopping, he continued. I climaxed again. And again. And again.

He only stopped when I couldn’t go on anymore, and then told me that I had twenty-one orgasms. He had counted them all. From then on, I never stopped after one orgasm, except when I masturbated.


Crying after sex had happened to me only a handful of times during my life. Only one of them was not with Master T.

To bring me to the point of joyful tears after sex, everything has to be just right. From the foreplay right to the multiple orgasms, the sphere, the connection. My mind has to be quiet, and nothing should distract me from what’s happening. I should be right in the moment, and then, when all those cards fall in place, the feelings of love, satisfaction and happiness might be so big, that tears overwhelm me.


This has happened to me many more times than the crying, that I have butterflies in my stomach when I think back on the sex we’ve had. And, this has only ever happened with Master T, not with anyone else. The butterflies never showed themselves during sex, or on the same evening, but mostly the next day. I would be on my way to work, driving though traffic and thinking of the night before, and butterflies will stir with the memories. Or just sit watching television, or working at my computer, and the thoughts of what he did to me, or me to him, or us together, will get me excited all over again, and it always started with the flutter in my tummy, and put a smile on my face.

Those butterflies were always a sign of a good night, of ticking all the boxes I needed to have ticked.

Awesome sex is… well… just, awesome!

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13 thoughts on “Awesome sex moments

  1. Awesome is a very subjective thing, I know. I kind of see it as those rare moments when mind, body, and soul are in sync, and you lose yourself. For me, awesome is when I let go, completely, and just float in the feelings of full-being pleasure.

  2. I have cried after sex a few times. Sometimes the release and the way I felt was just too overwhelming
    I love it when that butterfly feeling happens too
    May xx

  3. I am so glad you are doing this too! It has been a fun journey for me. Although I am probably going to be lagging well behind you and Mike by the endQ

    1. I am trying to schedule ahead, but I have stranded at question 8… and my brain just doesn’t want to skip it! But, I like the questions and love the reflective nature of them 🙂

        1. Oh I really look forward to reading it then! Maybe it will spark some ideas for me.

  4. Loved reading this, Marie! I have only cried a few times after sex…and it was always because it was so beautiful and so good that it brought me to tears. That is a pretty special feeling <3

  5. There are so many ways for sex to be awesome! And you’re right, I think, that just because one partner thought it was awesome does not mean it’s going to top the other partner’s list.

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