I like to sing along

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For as long as I can remember, I like to sing along with the music. Whether it was while I was a child, and on those long drives from South Africa to Namibia, or when I was an adult, cleaning house and having the radio on loud — I loved to sing along. Nowadays, I mostly sing along in the car, when I drive to work, or when we drive out to wherever.

A childhood anecdote

My mom used to tell me that she and my father frequently had fun in front of the car on those long holiday trips. They would play music by Elvis or Tom Jones, and especially to the latter, I loved to sing along. The words of the Tom Jones songs What’s New Pussycat or Delilah sounded nothing like they should (I was ten at the time) but I was oblivious. I just sang, and sang and sang.

A year or three later I was acutely aware of not knowing the words to all the songs, and I found myself a new hobby: collecting the words of all songs I liked, and there was a lot! Back then some albums showed the words, which I copied to a book in my own writing, but I still had to guess too many words when I wanted to sing along. So, I sat with my tape recorder, started from the beginning of the song and I wrote down the words. Play, listen, pause, write, rewind, play, listen, pause, write, repeat. I did this for a couple of years, until my cousin started copying me, and then the fun was gone.

Did it help to improve my memory of the words?

Not a bit!

My daughter has a talent

When my oldest daughter hit the age of 8 (maybe even 6 or 7) she started singing along to the music. I frequently looked at her with so much pride in my heart, and I still do. She can sing along with many songs from beginning to end — flawlessly. Somehow she just gets it. She can hear a song a couple of times, and know it from beginning to end, and to top that, she has a lovely voice, so it’s a joy to listen to her. This is one talent she must have from her father’s side, not mine.

I still try to sing along

I don’t think I will ever stop singing along to the music, but I do have to admit that nowadays I listen more than I sing. Music speaks to me, and I don’t need to sing along to feel the music.

Sometimes, when a song plays on the radio, and I feel I want to sing, I listen to the chorus and quickly try to memorize the words, then sing along to the next chorus. And sometimes, I just sing along what I think it should be, especially when I am alone in the car!

There are, however, songs I can almost sing along to, from beginning to end:

There might be more, but these are the songs I can think of now.

Music touches my soul

I love music, but sometimes I prefer not to listen to it. The reason for this is the same reason why I like to listen to music: because it touches my soul. Music can make me feel happy, and it mostly enhances the happy feelings I already feel. The same goes for having sad feelings, then the music will make me cry. And sometimes, even when I am having happy feelings, the beauty of music can bring tears to my eyes.

It’s “funny” — and I’m sure I’m not the only one — but whenever I sing along to the music, I always get tears in my eyes. Not sad tears, but my eyes just start to water. This is not very handy when I’m driving, which might be why I mostly listen to talk radio, and not music radio while driving.

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