Not a good girl

A naked image of me lying on my side, writing in a book, like a good girl writing lines because she was naughty.
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She’d always been a good girl, paying attention in class, and doing her homework, never drawing attention to herself.

Until she did.

All because of him – the new boy.



He was a young man; she a young woman, who lusted after him. That was why she did it – slipped her hand into her panties at the back of the class. Touched herself, thinking of him.

The teacher caught her; called her name. Her eyes flew open; her hand back to her pen. He punished her. Hundred humiliating lines: I am not allowed to touch my pussy in class.

Writing a story of exactly 100 words is quite a challenge. It’s a great exercise, as it forces you to look critically at what you have written, and dares you to keep to the essence of your story. Try it!

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    1. Thank you. I loved the twist too, didn’t see it coming. I guess the naughty pic inspired my mind 😉

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