X marks the spot

Image showing the barbed wire on top of the fence around a prison, to go with my story called X marks the spot.

I wrote this story – X marks the spot – in late April 2014 for the letter ‘X’ of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The inspiration came from the prompt of the discontinued meme, A Darker Flame, which was hosted by C.P. McClennan. The prompt was: A prisoner gets released from prison.

Content warning: Violence, murder.

X marks the spot

The first gate opened. Kaylee obediently followed the guard to the second gate. A slight smile played around her mouth. Soon she would be free. Free after twenty years of being imprisoned for something she hadn’t done. It took all this time, and several lawyers, but thankfully justice had finally prevailed.

She nervously held her hands on her thighs to keep her dress from blowing up in the slight breeze. Just imagine that happening, Kaylee thought, and it revealing the stockings and sexy thong I wear underneath. That piece of fabric barely covered her pussy, but perfectly matched the lace bra under her clothing.

The guard stopped at the second gate and nodded to one of his colleagues in the control room. A buzzer sounded, and the gate opened – the last gate between her and freedom. She waited for the guard to step outside the gate, and watched as he looked left and right. No one seemed to be waiting for her.

“Do you have some place to go?” he asked, concerned. This one had spent a lifetime with them. She had always been polite and never caused any trouble. He had mixed feelings about her leaving – part of him wanted to protect this 45 year old woman from all the hardships out there.
“Yes,” she nodded, “I do.”

Kaylee didn’t offer any further information. He hesitated briefly, then nodded, and extended his hand, shaking hers and wishing her all the best. He would rather hug her, but that would be deemed unprofessional. Kaylee smiled at him one last time, then turned around and started walking towards the woods that bordered the prison facility on one side. The guard followed her with his eyes, wondering where she was headed. He turned away when a colleague called out his name, and when he turned back after their short conversation, Kaylee had disappeared from his view.

** ** ** ** **

Kaylee briefly stopped at the first tree after the first bench on the side of the the footpath; then she started counting. Hundred steps, his letter had said. After hundred steps she stopped, turned 90 degrees to the left and started counting again. Every step took her further away from the prison grounds. The underground made it difficult to walk on her high heels now, as there was no footpath to follow. Hundred steps later she stopped again. She instantly spotted the note on a tree right in front of her. Retrieving it, she read:

Take off your dress, leave it. Turn right. Fifty steps.

Without hesitation, she unbuttoned her dress and let it slip off her shoulders to fall to the ground. She turned right and counted. Her mind wandered back to some of their correspondence over the years. Their commitment to each other was something many people wouldn’t understand. She had never seen him before, but she was as committed to him as he was to her.

Lose your pretty underwear. Turn left. Twenty steps.

Again there was no hesitation, but a pang of disappointment shot through her for having to take off the pretty lingerie so quickly. She wanted him to see her like this, beautifully dressed for his pleasure. Wearing only her hold-up stockings and heels, she walked deeper into the woods, and after counting to twenty, Kaylee reached a clearing between the trees.

X marks the spot.

For a moment she was confused, until she looked around and saw that the leaves on the forest floor had been cleared away, and someone had drawn a huge ‘X’ in the dirt. She stood with her legs spread over the middle of the ‘X’, her hands behind her head, her fingers interlocked. That was what he had written, how he wanted her to wait for him.

The nipples on her tear-drop breasts were hard, and pointed slightly upward. She smelled her own arousal as wetness pooled between her legs. This was the moment she’d been looking forward to for years. They had fantasized about it in their letters to each other, never thinking one day it would really happen. And here she was, ready to meet her Master, ready to start her life with him.

Cold steel around her left wrist startled her, but his beautiful baritone voice calmed her.
“Hello beautiful.”
He lowered both her arms and cuffed her wrists behind her back. They had talked about this, about it being a trigger after her imprisonment, but Kaylee had ensured him she could handle it. Even so, a slight panic took hold of her. She mentally shook it off.

“Hello Master,” she answered and smiled, wanting to look at him over her shoulder.
“Don’t look,” he said, “not yet.”
While he spoke, he put a blindfold over her eyes. He pulled her back against his chest, and soft hands wandered over her body, gently cupping her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. He pushed a finger between her labia. Kaylee relaxed, enjoying his gentle touch.

“That’s what I like. A wet slut,” he said approvingly.
Kaylee smiled and pushed her crotch against his hand.
“A wet, horny slut. Mine.”
His hands moved to her nipples again. This time the pinching was harsh, painful. Kaylee whimpered, but didn’t complain. He walked around her, and harshly pushed two fingers into her wet cunt. It hurt, but still Kaylee only moaned.

“My slut. My cunt to fuck,” he groaned.
The tone of his voice had changed. It sounded… mean. There was something ominous in the air.
“Master, I’m scared,” Kaylee said, in that moment realizing no one else knew she would be released today.

“Nothing to be scared of,” he said with a chuckle, his voice a bit softer.
Kaylee breathed in deep, still filled with doubt, but she managed to calm herself.

“Lie down,” he said, and helped her.
“Mine,” he said again, “mine.”
Where before that one word spread warmth through her body, it now chilled her spine. Something was off, but she put it down to meeting in person for the first time.

“Spread those legs,” he ordered.
The mean sound was back in his voice. He kicked her legs to push them wider when she moved too slow, and lowered himself onto her. His knees were on her legs, pinning them to the ground. Kaylee cried, the pain in her legs almost unbearable. She moaned even louder when he roughly entered her. Kaylee struggled, but with his heavy form on top of her, this was close to impossible. The man leaned forward and covered her mouth with his hand.

“Whore! Stupid fucking whore!” he hissed in her face.
Kaylee panicked. She struggled to turn her head, but his hand held it in place. She fought him even harder when he turned his hand a fraction, and still covering her mouth, pinched her nose between thumb and forefinger. Muffled screams sounded. His climax erupted deep inside her still wet cunt, only moments after she had stopped struggling.

** ** ** ** **

They found her three weeks later, her body forming an ‘X’ on the ground. Though her body was covered in dirt, detectives immediately noticed the bright red ‘X’ cut into her mons, just above her slit. Between her legs, held in place by the blade stuck into the ground, was a note: X marks the spot.

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16 thoughts on “X marks the spot

  1. Amazing story. I loved the outcome. Yes, it’s a sad ending, but I thought she was pretty stupid for meeting with her supposed ‘Master’ for the first time, especially since she had spent so long inside :p

    1. Thanks, Liz, that’s exactly what I was aiming for, to bring across the ‘stupidity’ of trusting someone from letters.

  2. I’m left with mixed feeling on this one. Your writing is phenomenal as always, but the hopeless romantic in me is a bit heart broken. I have a tendency to push the darkness away when it enters my writing. It’s very enlightening to see you take hold of it and use it to such a wonderful extent. Bravo!

    1. Thanks, MrsK, and I know this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Thank you for reading 🙂

      1. Every once in awhile something dark like this comes up for me, too…and I’m always worried about how it will be received, especially in today’s world of heavy idea censure. It’s an interesting story, though. And I would love to know more about the interactions that led up to this moment.

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