Style is eternal

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Fashions fade, style is eternal.

~ Yves Saint Laurent

I have written about style before, and how I am not into fashion, but have created my own style. Over the years, I have definitely never tried to fit in with whatever was the fashion at that moment.

Style can be about so many things, not only clothing. As Brigit said, think of your communication style, decorating style, or maybe dancing or parenting style. And, of course you might also have a sexual style.

My current clothing style

For the past year I seem to be into dresses and blouses with flower prints. I’m not really a flower girl — I mean to get or buy flowers for a vase, but in clothes they do appeal to me. Mostly the base color of the dresses and blouses is black, and then colorful flowers to brighten that up. When I buy anything in a uni-color, it’s either black or red, and occasionally dark blue or brown.

I combine the flowery blouses with black pants, and in winter I wear black tights under my dresses, combined with black high-heeled boots. I do also own two pairs of pants with print, and with them I wear black or white tops, and the same boots, as I love to wear a bit of a heel. In summer I have bare legs, and wear pumps with a slight heel.

I say this is my current clothing style, as I know it might change again. The flowery stuff is of the past year or two, and before that I mostly wore uni-colored dresses. Mostly my dresses could be worn in any season, but in the past year I started buying dresses with long sleeves, for the first time ever. I had always preferred my dresses with short sleeves or none. See,I told you my style can change.

One thing that hasn’t changed in years is my underwear. It’s always black!

My way of communicating

My default is a passive communication style, which is also know as a submissive style, or described as the ‘people-pleaser’. I tend to avoid conflict, and see myself as easy-going. I will much rather work with people, than against them. People with an aggressive or passive-aggressive communication style tend to easily hurt me.

I can be assertive in my communication if I have a good knowledge of what I am doing — such as in my job or with this website (which is why I feel confident to share on Blogable — and also when I fully trust the people I communicate with.

How I parented my kids

I was raised by strict parents, and most of that was so imprinted into my DNA, that I was mostly strict to my kids too. I say mostly, as having been a very young mom, and I wasn’t always equally consequent in my rules. Sometimes I just let things slide for a day, to return to the rules the next.

Despite my being strict, and teaching my kids values and morals, I allowed them a lot of freedom too. I wanted them to become their own people, and thankfully, they have.

There is just one thing I wish could’ve been different, and that is that I had known earlier about autism and schizophrenia, as I then might have been able to help my son at a younger age. However, back when he was a child, neither parents nor teachers were skilled in ‘seeing the signs’. We are talking 20-25 years back. So, where I do have those thoughts of wishing I had know earlier, I can also quickly put it in perspective, and concentrate on the here and now.

My writing style

There are four main writing styles identified: expository writing, descriptive writing, persuasive writing and narrative writing. I personally think I do more of the latter — narrative writing — but I believe it depends on the kind of thing I write. When I write for Blogable, my style might be a mixture of expository (explaining a concept and giving information) and persuasive (persuading others to take some kind of action) writing.

In my blog posts about life, and maybe even in my fiction, I mix the other two — descriptive (creating a visual and not just sharing facts) and narrative writing (constructing a story and plot using descriptive writing to help readers visualize it).

I really prefer the combination of narrative and descriptive writing, as that’s what I feel the most comfortable with, and I think it shines through in all my writing, and sometimes even in my talking style when I tell a story!

There’s style in my sex

We all have a sexual style, and each couple has their own sexual style. For instance, part of our sexual style is that I don’t initiate sex, but Master T does. Our style, even though we are in a D/s relationship, is often playful. We tease, we joke, and then we get serious. Master T always makes sure I am totally satisfied, before he expects me to satisfy him.

In the past year — up to when he had new health problems and three weeks later, I came down with my own — we have settled into a nice routine: every weekend, mostly on Saturday, we would switch on some porn (and not watch it), then he would pinch my nipples, finger me, rub my clitoris, sometimes suck my nipples or lick my pussy. Occasionally, he fingered me anally, and he always brought me to several orgasms, until I was totally satisfied.

Next, I would roll over, put my head on his shoulder, my hand on his cock and rub him until he was rock hard. Then I took him in my mouth and sucked him until he climaxed in my mouth.

You can say satisfying each other like this, has become our sexual style.

Is all style eternal?

I know that’s what the quote above said, but looking at the things I have written above, I know the following:

  • My clothing style might change again, as it did every couple of years for as long as I live;
  • My way of communicating has mostly been the same throughout my life, except that I have learned to be more assertive. I don’t think there will be much change there.
  • I’m not raising kids anymore, but my kids know I am always here to help them, however they need me.
  • My writing style has developed over the years, but the base of it has mainly stayed the same. I don’t expect some major changes there, but will always keep challenging myself to try new things.
  • I expect our sexual style to mainly stay the same, but with some extra’s added as our health improve. We both want to get back to D/s, and when circumstances permit, we will!

I think this concludes that sometimes style is eternal, but it also depends on your circumstances.

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9 thoughts on “Style is eternal

  1. I enjoyed reading this and like the way you have broken style down into the different areas. You are right that some change and others are more constant. With some I think we take a while to find our own style and what suits too. Missy x

  2. I love how you, broke down styles to those categories, you are so right.
    I love your statement: “I am not into fashion,” so good to hear you say that, I thought I was lone.
    Why black underwear? I understand that if black dress or pants.
    Communication, I tend to be very agreeable (submissive) and then afterward wonder why I was so agreeable with something I don’t agree with. Some times agreeing to do something for someone- that really don’t want to do and won’t do. While married my husband realized this and spanked me for agree to doing things, I didn’t want to do.
    Regarding parenting, sound like your children knew what a spanking was. And there needs to be more education on special needs children.

    Sex, like you, I don’t initiate sex, My ex wanted me too but I didn’t.
    He said he would like me to have 10 orgasms before he had orgasm ( wasn’t usually 10 but a few at least). I love your honesty here- I love your words “Occasionally, he fingered me anally,” A special treat? So I will be honest here– I love to be rimmed. Rimming to me is just as good oral on my clit (but less skill required than on clit). I love to read your words “Then I took him in my mouth and sucked him until he climaxed in my mouth.” Suck and swallow? With me all holes were used for his climaxes — rough percentages are. oral 15 %, vaginal 70% and anal 15%

    I love your site here.

    1. To be honest, I wear a lot of black, so black underwear is always good. And it’s also easy: I never have to think of combining bras and knickers 😉
      Thank you for your comment and sharing some of yourself. Enjoy the site 🙂

  3. I like the accounting for styles you provide. They are ones I can identify with for the most part.
    Styles do ebb and flow but there is usually still the essence of me under it all.
    Style is not fashion.
    “In matters of fashion flow like a stream. In matters of principle stand like a rock. “ attributed to Thomas Jefferson.
    Your principles read true and sound like those have been very consistent. Caring, supportive, and mindful.
    Thanks for your posts.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, David. My principles have always been the same indeed, but my style has changed over the years, for sure.

  4. I agree that style can change to fit our lives and circumstances. Trends shift in fashion, and I’m drawn to some, repelled by others. The basics though, never seem to change…because we are who we are, and I don’t think that ever really changes at the core. Even if we dress it a little differently.

    1. True, the basics always stay the same, and I am happy with my basics, so will continue to dress and do the way I do, as this is truest to myself.

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