No Consent: The last time

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

The last time
December 1994

Continued from… Betrayal and goodbyes

9 December
Under the influence of too much alcohol, Fred started his nagging again that evening.
“Annie, you’re staying, right?”
“No, Fred, I’m leaving.”
“But you’ll be back. You’ll see! You’ll be back quicker than you left.”
Annie didn’t respond. She was exhausted from the emotions of the past days, but also the lies, the excitement, and the nerves of jumping into an unknown adventure.

“Annie, you’re going to miss us. And the other women too,” Fran remarked with perverse delight.
“No, Fran, I don’t think so,” Annie answered before she could control herself.
She saw the way Fred looked at her and she quickly tried to repair the damage.
“I will miss you, not the other women.”

“What do you have against the other women? You wanted it too. You agreed to restart the club,” Fred said ominously.
“Yes, Fred. I agreed to restart the club. I didn’t agree for you to invite every woman to share the bed with us,” Annie said. Fear made her words sound stronger than she wanted. She was ready to defend herself.
“I did make passes at the women so they could have sex with us, yes. However, I didn’t do it for myself. I did it for you and Fran. Granted, I also profited from it, but I only allowed those women in our bed because you and Fran wanted it,” he said, managing to look very innocent.

Annie couldn’t prevent her jaw from dropping. It was utter nonsense and it sounded like so many other things she had to listen to in the past months.

12 December
The last day.

The last hours.

Annie got up, filled with anticipation and nerves. She could hardly wait for the moment they would get in the car that evening to drive to the airport. During the course of the morning, she packed the last of their stuff. They were taking two big bags and a smaller one. The kids would both also take a small backpack and Annie would have her handbag as well as her briefcase with her as hand luggage.

Annie put the clothes that she and the children would wear for the trip on her bed. The kids were outside in the pool, swimming.

Today it was summer.

Tomorrow it would be winter.

“Fred, get your stuff ready. Annie and I will be there soon,” Fran said just after they had their lunch. For a moment, Annie was confused. When she realized Fran was talking about the video, her heart sank. She didn’t want to be part of it. The previous night she went through the motions of yet another trio, thinking it would be the last. Now this! She was still busy figuring out how to get out of it, when Fred brusquely ordered the women to go to the bedroom.

The video camera was set up in the bathroom.

“The two of you take a bath the way you normally do. If you have to do something special, I will tell you. You don’t have to watch what you say,” Fred instructed them.

Fred was only in his underpants, as he would obviously be captured on video too.

Both Fran and Annie were naked, waiting for the bath to fill up with water. Fred aimed the camera at them and started shooting.

Fran stood behind her, softly stroke Annie’s back. She moved her hands around to the front when she reached Annie’s hips. With her back to the camera, Fran kneeled in front of Annie. Her hands caressed Annie’s stomach. Annie felt uncomfortable, but then she remembered something.

Fred and Fran had once told her about videos they had made in the past, of Fran with other women. One thing Fred had demanded of Fran was that her face should never be recognizable on the video. Annie decided this video would be different.

For the first couple of times Annie asked Fran to turn and Fran realized her face would be on the screen, Fran looked at Fred for his approval. He then nodded. The next time she looked for his approval, he snapped: “Don’t look at me like a dumb cow every time, just do what Annie says. At least she knows what she’s doing!”

Annie was pretty sure whatever she wanted that afternoon, Fred would approve. He would do anything to get her on video.

In the bath, they hugged, kissed, sucked. More kissing, stroking and much laughter followed. Normally Fred would’ve told them to stop their stupid laughter, but now he just let it go.

After the bath, Fran carefully rubbed Annie down. Annie did the same for Fran. They moved to the bedroom where Fran roughly pushed Annie back on the bed. Fred had ordered Fran to take the lead, probably because he knew that if he had left the initiative to Annie, nothing would’ve happened. All Annie wanted was for it to be over as soon as possible. Nevertheless, Annie was thankful that the video would have only a ‘boring’ trio on it, and that Fred or Fran didn’t come with any strange requests.

Fran sprinkled talcum powder on Annie and started giving her a massage. Different from any of their previous sessions, was Fran now really taking her time for Annie. She kissed Annie’s breasts, her tummy and her hips and then moved back to her breasts, her neck and her mouth. Annie only lightly stroke over Fran’s back. Whenever she tried to get Fran in a position for her to suck somewhere on Fran’s body, Fran prevented it.

After lightly licking Annie’s nipples and then her navel, Fran moved further down. She buried her head between Annie’s legs. For a while, Annie let her have her way. Then she freed herself. She exactly copied all Fran’s actions, and ended between Fran’s legs.

At Fran’s request, Annie turned around. She straddled Fran’s face and lowered her face to Fran’s pussy. Their mouths did all the work. They moved to a more comfortable position on their sides, still licking each other. Their tongues worked overtime. Annie enjoyed the feeling. She couldn’t deny that. Fred was very aroused too. He quickly moved in behind Annie after he had adjusted the camera to record everything happening on the bed. Fred was so excited that he climaxed quicker than normal.

After staying on the bed for a while, Annie and Fran went for another bath. Relief washed through Annie. Finally. It was over. Never again!

To be continued… Finally!

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