The glory of each hole

An entirely black image with only part of the face of a woman seen though a hole to go with the story about glory holes.

Of course I was momentarily baffled at what to write for this month’s oral sex prompt, but as I read the brief a couple of times, a story started forming in my head. A story of glory holes, and the glory of each hole. I have seen glory holes before, on some of the occasions visiting the Red Light District in Amsterdam, but that’s as close as I got to them.

The glory of each hole

Her hips swayed from side to side, not because this was her natural way of walking, but because of the ridiculously high stilettos on her feet. Romany clung to Jett’s arm when they descended into the darkness of the annual sex fair. At the bottom of the stairs, they stopped for a moment, allowing their eyes to adjust to the light.

They roamed the different stalls with sex toys, erotic clothing, books and movies. At the stall with erotic jewelry, Jett told her to open her blouse. He held nipple shields in his hand. Romany hesitated briefly, then unbuttoned her blouse to expose her firm breasts, held perfectly in position by a shelf bra. He pinched her nipples, waiting for them to harden, and then fitted the shields over them. Jett kissed her softly on her cheek, then turned back to the lady behind the counter and paid for the jewelry.

Romany started buttoning her blouse again.
“Did I say you could?” Jett asked.
Surprised she stopped, looked up at him and then around her. Some women wore lace tops, leaving nothing to the imagination, and some men paraded around in nothing but a string, and a piece of cloth covering their cocks. She unbuttoned her blouse again, hooked her arm through Jett’s and they walked on.

At the back of the large hall, they came to a restricted area. Jett briefly read the sign listing the activities behind the door, then paid for tickets to go inside.

On the other side of the door there were different rooms and whatever happened in them, was visible through several small windows in the walls. In one room a couple was fucking; in a next two women licked each other’s pussies. A next room revealed a spanking bench, and a man flogging a woman bound to it. They briefly stopped at each room, watching for a while before they moved on.

Turning a corner, Romany and Jett looked through the next window. A woman was on her knees, facing a wall, her back turned to them. At first Romany didn’t understand what she was doing, until she saw the cock jutting out from the hole in the wall next to the woman. Then she saw three more. Two penises to either side of the woman. Romany realized the woman was sucking on a cock.

She was ready to move on, but Jett held her back.
“It’s your turn next,” he said.
“Jett, no, I can’t.”
Her eyes pleaded with him.
“Yes, you can, my love,” he smiled and gently kissed her lips.
“Those men won’t know what hit them,” he added.
Romany blushed. Jett always told her how good she was at sucking his cock. She enjoyed doing it — for him, not just for any man.

When the woman exited the room, they entered. There was a chair in the corner of the room, from where Jett could watch Romany.
“Come on,” he urged, loud enough for the men on the other side of the wall, and those watching out side to hear, “don’t keep them waiting. Show them what a good cock-sucker you are. All of them!”
Romany blushed furiously, but obediently got on her knees at the first glory hole.

The long, thin penis first felt unfamiliar in her hand, then in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip, and moved her head over it a couple of times. Romany almost flinched when the semen filled her mouth, far quicker than she had expected. A low grunt accompanied the climax. She let go of the cock and moved onto number two. The first glory hole now was empty.

One down, four to go, she couldn’t help to think, smiling inwardly.

The second cock was thicker than the first, but also shorter. She took it in her hand, and almost none of the length remained to be taken in her mouth. But once she covered it with her mouth, it seemed to grow longer and even thicker. She struggled to keep it in her mouth, her jaw aching. She let it slip from her mouth, her hand working up and down the shaft.

“I want to see you suck that cock,” Jett said warningly behind her, and Romany took it in her mouth again. This man took longer to climax than the first, but finally his release filled her mouth. Romany was eager to move onto the third glory hole, now enjoying this game.

“No hands,” Jett said behind her as she positioned herself in front of number three. As she took the cock in he mouth — slightly less thick than the previous one, but longer — Jett pulled her blouse from her shoulders. Cool air brushed down her back, and over her erect nipples. Jett’s arms circled around her, and as she sucked the cock, he squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moaned around the cock, feeling it twitch in her mouth.

“You’re enjoying this, are you not, my little slut?” Jett asked. Romany made an agreeing sound, and quickly swallowed when the man spurted in her mouth. She crawled onto the fourth, and without urging took it in her mouth. This one felt like Jett’s, almost the same size.

“Touch yourself.”
Jett was beside her, watching closely as her mouth moved over the cock. Romany lowered her hands to her pussy, her mouth not missing a beat sucking the cock. Her panties were sticky and wet with her own arousal. She rubbed her clit through the fabric. Jett urged her on, and his words seemed too much for the man on the other side. They heard a few grunts, as if he tried to stop his climax, but all too soon, Romany was swallowing again.

The last cock eagerly disappeared in her mouth; as eagerly as she now rubbed her clitoris.
“Yes, fuck yourself with your fingers. Show me how much you’re enjoying this. Playing with yourself. Sucking a stranger’s cock.”
Romany sucked and panted. Panted and sucked. Her orgasm build, and from the twitching in her mouth, she knew another was building.

Her own orgasm still stuck on her legs as they exited the room, once more holding onto Jett’s arm. The taste of five men mixed in her mouth. Five men she had never seen, but who had put glory in every one of those holes.

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12 thoughts on “The glory of each hole

  1. I loved this. I have thought about this idea quite a bit before but sometimes I am the one to be used. I enjoyed the way you brought this to life. Missy x

  2. Oh goodness … that was a very arousing read Marie. Are you sure you haven’t got closer than just seeing them in the Red Light District???
    Xxx – K

    1. Very sure, but to be honest, I won’t mind being ‘forced’ to do something like this 😉 xox

    1. We’ve been to a fair amount of sex fairs, and at one of the last there was a restricted area. We didn’t go there, but did hear of some of the things happening behind those black doors 😉

    1. Oh thank you, my friend. That’s so much praise. It was really fun to write this 😉

  3. Wow, you completely made my day, Marie 😄
    This story is amazing and exactly what I had in mind when I put out the prompt for the Oral Sex meme ☺️
    Thanks so much for writing this and adding it to the meme 😊

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