A tribe or not, I am!

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful woman who have her back.
~ Unknown

When I shared this image for the first time, the post was about my tribe, and how thankful I was for being part of it. That was back in May 2019, and so much has changed since then.

A color image shared before, of me with my back to the camera, on a stool, to go with my post about being part of a tribe.
Having someone’s back, doesn’t always go both ways…

I still believe I am part of a tribe, but I also returned very much to doing things for myself, because I want to do them. I lost sight of that before… of what is important to me, and have returned to that. I am part of a group of beautiful people, yes, but I am very much my own person too. Actually, to be honest, I am my own person first, then part of a tribe. It’s never only black and white…

An image to go with my post about being myself first before being part of a tribe.
… but, I will always have the backs of those I trust.

Be true to yourself first, put yourself first, because only then you can be there for others. This is a lesson I am still learning, as I so easily put myself in second place, wanting to help and care for others. It’s a work in progress…

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24 thoughts on “A tribe or not, I am!

  1. I see I commented in 2019 😉

    “Be true to yourself first, put yourself first, because only then you can be there for others.” – I so agree!

    it is only by being an individual can we come together as a collective with something to offer
    May xx

  2. Beautiful image and I am really enjoying your updated posts, it’s always lovely to go back and consider how things might have changed.

    1. I agree, Gem, and let’s be honest. A lot has changed in the past year, and not only because of the pandemic…

  3. You know that you are an amazing force for love, support, energy and creativity in this community. You make it so much more than it would be without you. I love this image and I love you.

  4. The strength that the picture conveys together with the quote and overwhelmingly powerful! You look amazing, and the community we are all part of, is amazing!

  5. This is a very strong image! (Strong, like you, and strong like the bonds you’ve formed.) Really striking. I love your posture. This just radiates a sort of love and power.

  6. Love this!! I just posted something yesterday about basically the same. Thanking so many but not mentioning names (but one) and I may go back or write another thanking so many. 🙂
    Beautiful picture, quote and reasoning! <3

  7. I have great respect for all you do Marie – because you are a fab person and do everything brilliantly – including this image – to be part of your tribe is an honour x

  8. Your constancy, kindness and encouragement, and that of other role models in this tribe, is crucial in supporting those of us who can’t be around every week. Very proud to know you. x

  9. This is a stunning image of you. I love your pose which is sexy and strong. You are such an influencial part of this community and what you have written is lovely 🙂

  10. Marie – what a shot! what a body and oh Girl! that dress!!
    You are a mover and a shaker in this community and we all have your back, and Violet’s and anyone else who is stumbling and needs a hand to hold, a shoulder to be boosted onto.

  11. Fantastic photo, and what a terrific quote. Quite perfect. I agree with you, I’m new to it, but I’ve already discovered that this community is so warm, kind and supportive, it’s amazing. And you are an integral part of that. ?

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