Cyclone Fire: New Intelligent Sex Machine

I was approached by Sohimi for a product review, and they allowed me to choose which toy I wanted to review. As I browsed their site, my eye fell on the words ‘sex machine’. Since I am intrigued by sex machines — those big ones — I clicked and decided to test one of these toys, to see if it was as good as they claimed.

The official name of the toy on the website is New Female Intelligent Sex Machine, but I’m sure this toy can be used by anyone who choose to use it.

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

The toy was packed in a DHL plastic bag when it arrived, and the box itself was a bit dented when I received it. I would’ve liked for it to have a sturdy outer box to protect the actual toy inside. The toy itself is from the brand Dibe, and on the box the toy is called ‘Cylcone Fire’.

Inside the box you find the following:

  • A big round white cylinder, with a cap on. There are two gold-colored ‘bands’ around the cylinder and the control buttons on a black control pad, with a gold-colored border;
  • A silicon dildo;
  • A mount with a suction cup to attached to flat surfaces;
  • Remote control
  • USB charger cable
  • An instruction booklet in three languages (English, Chinese, Japanese)

As said the dildo is made of silicon, and feels very soft. It is packed in a soft plastic bag.

Measurements of the different parts are as follows:

Cylinder size: 18 x 6.5 cm
Dildo size: 17 x 4 cm
Controller size: 4 x 7 cm
Telescopic length: 4 cm
Full package: 26 x 9.5 x 7 cm

The manufacturer claims the toy to be waterproof, but I haven’t tested this.

How does it work?

At the bottom of the cylinder you see a threaded hole where you can screw the cylinder on the mount. Once this is done, take off the cap on the other end, and then twist the base of the dildo into the hole of the ‘telescope’. Now place the gel-like suction part of the mount on a flat service, and slide the lever on the mount. I wasn’t able to slide it to the other side all the way, as it depends on how strong the suction is. The lever was about halfway and the suction was strong enough to hold the Cyclone Fire in place.

On the side there’s a butterfly ‘screw’ which you can turn to change the angle of the ‘telescope’ in any direction you want.

The buttons on the toy are as follows:

  • Top — thrusting
  • Middle — vibration
  • Bottom — heating

These buttons all work the same, except that they have different functions. You can press any of the buttons for about two toys to switch the toy on. If you press the thrusting or vibration buttons briefly, it will change the thrusting/vibration level. The toy has 7 thrusting and 7 vibration levels. The heating button allows to heat the toy to anything between 38°C-42°C.

The remote control has only two buttons to operate the thrusting and vibration modes. Here too you can press the button for about 2 seconds to turn the toy on, and when you briefly press the button, it changes the thrusting/vibration level.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I was excited to test this toy, and after having it fully charged, I assembled it and dropped my pants. Okay, of course my ‘working towards it’ was a bit longer than only dropping my pants! I mean, you can’t just thrust a dildo inside, right?

Still, by the time I was ready to use the toy and positioned myself over it (I had it mounted on a plastic stool which was at a perfect height for me to bend over and be (ahem) fucked from behind. I had the remote in my hand, and making sure I had the dildo inserted, I pushed the vibrating button. That felt quite good, but of course I was so curious about the thrusting part.

I pressed the thrusting button and… well, partial disappointment. It moved in me, but it wasn’t what I expected. I guess having images of those sex machines you see in porn movies in my mind (which is something I really, really, really want), had me put my expectations to high. Also, at some points, the toy seemed to have problems to really do the thrusting it should.

I also expect that the 4 cm the toy can thrust is just not enough. However, combine with the vibrations, it did feel good. This toy is not bad at all, but I think I would’ve enjoyed it a lot better had I not had those expectations in my mind.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Cyclone Fire or New Female Intelligent Sex Machine from the Sohimi website for US.$ 69.99

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6 thoughts on “Cyclone Fire: New Intelligent Sex Machine

  1. I am so glad to read this, Marie! As you and I discussed recently, a true sex machine would be quite a thrill. I had something similar to this some time ago…but like you wrote, the thrusting action was just not enough. I was glad to read this review…thank you!

    1. If the thrusting action was better, this toy would have been able to become one of my favorites.

  2. Loved reading this Marie … (as I also share your “interest” in sex machines LOL !!!) …
    I must admit that the name of this toy “New Female Intelligent Sex Machine” does make me giggle. But would it make me jiggle ???
    Xxx – K

    1. That’s the thing, it’s not all in the name when it comes to sex toys, as they definitely should make us jiggle too 😉 xox

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