No Consent: Odette and Rachelle (1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Odette and Rachelle (1)
November 1994

Continued from… An ultimatum

“Call Odette. I want to know how her appointment with Nathalie and her husband was,” Fred ordered after dinner.

Since her operation, there had been no contact between Annie and Odette, which is why she didn’t mind doing as she was instructed.

Odette was very happy to hear Annie’s voice.
“Yes,” she answered Annie’s question, “I visited Nathalie and her husband, but I don’t think her husband was really into it. He was standoffish. Cold. To me it came across like he didn’t know how to handle his wife’s sexual whims. Nathalie wanted to make another appointment, but I decided that once was enough.”

“And, have you written to any of the other club members?”
“Oh yes! I didn’t only write letters, I’ve also met one of them. Mind you, she visited me for the second time this weekend,” Odette laughed.
“What? Really? Is she there with you now?” Annie asked curiously.
“As a matter of fact, yes, she is, and she’s just gathering her stuff together to go home. Her name is Rachelle. She doesn’t live too far from here.”
“Oh, I think I remember seeing the name in our file. Interesting!”
“Annie, I’m in love with her. And I think she’s in love with me too. We were on the smallholding this afternoon, but you weren’t there. Rachelle wanted to meet you.”
“We brought Fran to the hospital,” Annie said and then explained why. After some more chatter, they disconnected.

Before Annie had started her conversation, Fred had checked to see if the tape recorder was running. The moment Annie hung up, he rewound the tape to listen to the conversation.
“You are so fucking stupid,” he ranted, “why did you not tell them to come over now?”
“Because Rachelle is about to go home.”
Annie inwardly rolled her eyes for having to state the obvious.

“Yes, I know,” he snarled, “but couldn’t you come up with the idea that she could also go home from here? Am I the only one here who’s ever able to think?”

He didn’t wait for an answer. Fred dialed Odette’s number. Quickly, the appointment was made: Odette and Rachelle would come over with two cars. Rachelle would drive home from the smallholding.

Not much later, the two women arrived. Rachelle, a dark haired, short chubby woman, was in her forties and had decided to pursue her interest in the same sex when her husband died a couple of years earlier.

It was more than obvious that Odette was madly in love with Rachelle. She made no secret of it. Her arm constantly rested around Rachelle’s shoulders. Annie noticed Fred constantly watching the two women. On his face, there rested an expression of pure jealousy. She was not in the leasrt surprised when he tried to charm Rachelle.

Fred commanded Annie to pour all of them more drinks, which she gladly did to escape the embarrassing scene. Back in the small living room, Annie saw Fred had moved to sit on the same couch as Odette and Rachelle. Annie sat down on the couch across from the other three. Odette sat between Rachelle and Fred. Annie watched the three of them, and felt like a bystander. She could just as well have been watching television, as the scene did little to excite or annoy her.

Fred was certainly getting somewhere with his advances. Behind Odette’s back, Rachelle stole looks in Fred’s direction.
“Rachelle,” Fred said later, “come here and sit next to me. Odette, calm down, I won’t steal her from you. I only want to get to know her better.”

The stubby woman obediently sat down next to Fred. Odette sat down on the floor in front of Rachelle. Annie followed her example and sat down on the floor in front of Fred, but she frequently escaped to fill their glasses. The booze started to have effect.

Odette was green with envy. Fred and Rachelle had increasingly more trouble to conceal their sexual attraction towards each other. Annie was sure they weren’t attracted to each other for the same reason. Rachelle might have felt a real attraction towards Fred, but to Fred it would just be another easy victory.

Annie was sad and irritable about the events that unfolded in front of her.

Fred unexpectedly pulled Rachelle’s shirt over her head when he returned from the toilet. It happened quickly and smoothly, all in one movement. Her huge breasts seemed to intrigue Fred, as he used two hands to caress one boob.

When Annie went to the kitchen to get more snacks for them to nibble on, Fred followed her.
“You start with Odette, then I’ll start with Rachelle. The four of us can then move to the bedroom and have a nice fuck,” Fred prodded with his boyish smile, his eyes gleaming with lust.

Annie wasn’t in the mood for sex. From the unhappy expression on Odette’s face, she understood that Odette wasn’t in the mood either. Being afraid of how Fred might react if she refused to obey his request, Annie half-heartedly tried to get herself and Odette excited.

Odette had other plans. She kneeled in front of Rachelle. Annie followed her. Both of them started to suck on one of Rachelle’s erect nipples. Annie unnoticeably watched Rachelle’s face. The latter looked at Fred. A wordless conversation took place between the two of them.

“Annie, come to a room with me. I want you,” Rachelle said in a soft voice.

To be continued… Odette and Rachelle (2)

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