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An image showing a mouth with red lips and a banana in it, mimicking oral sex

I think one of the best moves of this year, was to make some changes to memes, and I hope the monthly prompts will get more attention for these memes. Of course, in this I will do my part, which is why I am writing about oral sex today.

I wasn’t a fan of oral sex

There was a time when I avoided oral sex to a certain extent. Not the receiving part, but definitely the giving part.

It wasn’t like I never had a cock in my mouth. I had, and I believe I was about eighteen when I did so for the first time (if my memory serves me right). I had absolutely no idea what to do with a cock in my mouth, and there was no one I could ask. What I did was to lick, to suck, and just hoped that it was enjoyable for the receiver. I knew there was a chance that the cock could spurt semen into my mouth, and that was exactly where the problem started.

From the moment the cock entered my mouth, the thought was there: you have to stop in time. The mere thought of semen in my mouth totally freaked me out. I think because of this, my cock-sucking techniques were below average, because they were clouded by that thought. Sometimes I sucked a man for only two or three minutes and then hopped on top of him, happy that part was over.

A conversation changed this

One of my cousins and I used to talk about sex and our preferences quite a lot. This was in my mid-thirties, and I admitted to her that I had never allowed a man to climax in my mouth. I had read about it a lot, but never got to do it. She was appalled, and told me just how incredibly erotic it is to do it; that it’s such a beautiful thing to do this for someone else.

“But, what if I hate the taste?”

The one thing I was so afraid of, was the taste. What if it was so horrible that it made me want to vomit? What if I retched because of the taste? Oh, the humiliation.

My cousin assured me it wouldn’t happen. She was honest that the taste wasn’t always the same. Her tip was not to think of the taste, or even of him spurting in my mouth, but to concentrate on the pleasure I am giving him. To move my head up and down while sucking and licking him. To have my hand join in, and to alternate the pace. Then, when the semen filled my mouth, to imagine it’s custard or yogurt, and swallow it with his cock still in my mouth.

That first time

When I had that conversation, I had already met Master T, but we were only sporadically seeing each other. On a Sunday afternoon, we drove out to the harbor, and parked at the waterside. Things got a bit heated, and where it came from, I don’t know, but suddenly I had this urge to suck him.

And I did.

Remembering the things I have read, but also keeping my cousin’s words in mind — it’s a beautiful thing to do for him — I went down on him. Since pleasuring him was at the top of my mind, and not the ‘bad taste fear’, I could relax into it, and really enjoyed it.

Oral sex: sucking a cock

Over the years I have learned a lot about oral sex, so much so that Master T frequently says I should give lessons. But, for the past 18 years, his cock is the one I had in my mouth the most. I know what he likes; know what to do to get him off quickly, and know ho to make him last longer. Being good at sucking his cock, doesn’t mean I am good at sucking every cock out there.

Things I have learned with giving oral sex to Master T are:

  • he loves when I flick my tongue over his frenulum;
  • he enjoys seeing me take his cock into my mouth as deep as possible;
  • tickling his balls before I take him in my mouth gets him rock hard;
  • only sucking him will not get him off, but once I combine that with my hand, it does the ‘trick’
  • his body starts twitching the closer he gets to a climax;
  • touching his balls after he had climax makes him laugh, as it’s too sensitive (of course this means I always tickle his balls afterwards too!).

Besides Master T’s cock, I have sucked five other cocks in the past years, and from that I have learned that one cock is not the next. Each person attached to the cock I had in my mouth had different preferences, which mostly didn’t match Master T’s. Oh, and one other thing I have learned: sucking a circumcised cock is very different from sucking an uncircumcised one!

Cunnilingus: giving and receiving

Anyone who reads my No Consent series, will have ready that I first had sex with a woman when I was 26 years old. That is where I learned to lick a pussy, and where the series is about nine months in my life which turned out horrible, I have learned a lot about pleasuring a woman during that time.

One thing I have learned is what I find pleasurable and arousing, doesn’t necessarily mean that another woman likes it too. Every cunt is different. Just like semen tastes different depending on who you are sucking or what they have consumed in the days prior to the act, cunts taste and smell different too. Some cunts get wet very easily, others need more time. Some have prominent clitoris, others not or want to be fingered while sucked or licked, others not.

Obviously, I love being on the receiving end of oral sex. As can be expected, Master T knows my body so damn well, and he’s the one who sucks and licks my cunt just the way I like it. When he buries his face between my legs, every bone in my body turns to jelly, and all I am aware of is what his mouth is doing to me.

What I really like is to have my clitoris licked and sucked, with a finger or two in my cunt, or sometimes even in my ass. That gets me off… every. time. Of course, there has to be some build up to that moment.

Dominant or submissive acts?

Some would say that the one doing the sucking is an act of submission, but I don’t agree. I don’t see Master T as being submissive when he licks my cunt. In fact, thinking of this, my view differs depending on me sucking him, or him licking me. When I suck him, I see it as an act of service; an act of submission. When he licks me, I see it as him claiming what is his, and me submitting to his will by spreading my legs and allowing him to enjoy what is his.

Oral sex as such is not a dominant or submissive act, but it definitely is something to enjoy!

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15 thoughts on “Using my mouth

  1. This is a great post Marie and it has made me think about the difference between different people. I think the questions of dominance and submission is also interesting. I see it as me being submissive when I suck HL and often he can be very Dominant at the time even though he is receiving pleasure.

    1. Like I said to others, oral sex is not predominantly a dominant or submissive act, but I think it’s all in the mindset of the people involved. It is what you make of it.

  2. This was such an informative post! A lot of the things that you listed as those that pleasure Master T, are generally things that most people with a cock enjoy. For instance, tickling or gentling massaging the balls is not something that is talked about a lot, but most cock-owners enjoy that a lot (well, at least the ones I got to meet).
    One of the reasons why I don’t enjoy receiving oral sex is that it makes me feel “not submissive”, as my pleasure is in the focus. Additionally, I just really hate the feeling of it, it makes me feel uncomfortable. But hey, we all like different things, and that is alright!

    1. It most definitely is alright that we all like different things. We can’t all be the same, right? 😉
      Thanks for your comment, Devie!

  3. Wonderful post Marie – u cover so much here – I love the bullets on giving Mr T oral – some of these apply to my man lol
    and i agree – oral is for both – whatever the dynamic, as long as u enjoy
    May xx

  4. Love the “custard or yoghurt” LOL !!!
    It’s lovely that sometimes our perceptions, and enjoyments, change over time, and in better / easier circumstances isn’t it.
    Wonderful reading Marie !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. At the time I had to laugh when she said it, custard or yoghurt, but it really helped me 😉 xox

  5. So with you on this. When I’m sucking Master C’s cock, I may be the one “in control” but I am doing it primarily to give Him pleasure. Yes, I love sucking His (or just about any) cock simply for the act of sucking, but with Master C, it is very much as a service and for the pleasure I give Him.

    When Master C goes down on me, He is still very much the Dominant partner; I am at His mercy and my orgasm is His to control, grant or deny as He sees fit. There is absolutely nothing submissive about the way Master C licks my cunt.

    1. And no matter how others view it, as long as you and Master C enjoy, that’s all that matters 🙂

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