Who’s your umbrella?

When your life is a storm, there is always someone there to be your umbrella.

~ Unknown

Who’s your umbrella? Or do you have more than one?

I was looking for umbrella quotes, when I came across this beautiful one. We all need people in our lives who support us; who stand next to us in difficult times, and allow us to lean on them when necessary. My main umbrella is and always will be Master T, the love of my life.

But, I am in the privileged position that I don’t have only one umbrella. There are more people I can lean on. My best friend comes to mind, and I know that even if I need her in the middle of the night, I can call her. She will support me through thick and thin, as I will do her. My oldest daughter is a huge support too, and many times a voice of reason, as she has been in the recent situation with my son. However, I rarely lean on her, but prefer her leaning on me, as should be with parents and children.

But, those who support you don’t only have to be those you see in real life. Sometimes you meet people online, and get support from them too, something I have experienced a lot during my online years. Some of those people, some of whom I have met once or twice, others not at all, have been supportive in some difficult situations, and will be forever grateful for them pulling me through. They know who they are.

I love my collection of umbrellas, and hope I’m an umbrella to some of them too!

A black and white image of myself, seen from behind, and holding a black lace umbrella.

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14 thoughts on “Who’s your umbrella?

  1. What a gorgeous post and image. I realise that at the time you posted I was busy requiring umbrellas of my own. Thank you for being there for me. missy x

    1. Sometimes we need to take a step back and use the umbrellas around us to help us get through a difficult time. Thank you for your comment, Missy xox

  2. I seem to be everyone else’s umbrella. I know when my phone rings someone needs something. Car broken down, financial question, law advice, home repairs, whatever. Kinda wish I had more people to lean on sometimes, but that’s the way it goes for most men… I do have one umbrella and I dread the day she is no longer there for me, if that’s order we go. However, being the umbrella, I do hope it does go that way so she is never alone.

    1. I totally understand dreading the day your umbrella is not there anymore. I share that feeling about all my umbrellas.

    1. It is, and I am wondering about getting two more – white and red… my go to colors 😉

  3. Great quote and a lovely creative image.
    It is important to recognize your umbrellas and let them know their importance.
    I love this post for the words as much as the image.

    1. Thank you, David, and you are right… we need to let our umbrellas know how important they are to us.

    1. I agree. When life is raining down hard on us, one umbrella will never be able to carry all of the burden, so we definitely need more 🙂

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