Spring is coming!

A dark image with a mountain in the background, water in the foreground and a bright white and yellow flower indicating spring is coming.

Last weekend when I looked out the window, the world around us was white, covered in about eight centimeters of snow. This weekend, as I looked out the window, the sun was shining brightly, a sure sign that spring is coming!

Every time I opened the door last weekend, I shivered with cold. The temperature never came above zero degrees Celsius. This weekend I still had to wear long sleeves, but the temperature is 20 degrees higher than a week ago. Yes, spring is definitely coming.

Today has me in a contemplative mood… dark and cold thoughts fill my mind, but all the time the light fought to drive the darkness away.

Too many worries

I briefly touched on the subject of my son in an earlier post, and am sad to say that situation as not improved in any way. In fact, it is worse than it was. Where before his self-harming was that he hit himself, he is now also turning on things around him (his furniture, his doors), and once has cut himself with a knife, and once stabbed himself in his arm. Both ‘minor’ physical injuries, but intense psychological ones.

Over the months I have seen how toxic his relationship with his girlfriend is. He doesn’t see it. There’s emotional abuse — whether conscious or not — and 95% of the time he self-harms, it comes from a ‘situation’ between the two of them.

My dark thoughts surrounding my son are dark. I don’t want to mention them out loud, because that will make them too real. On Friday night I spoke to him, and he sounded strong. Determined to get things done. He needed my help, so I went to him om Saturday. I even got him to smile when I told him something funny about myself. Briefly, I saw the sun in his eyes again.

There’s little else I can do at the moment, because he’s an adult, and he’s making his own decisions. I am not allowed to talk to his caretakers. He hasn’t given permission for it, and he’s entitled to his privacy. I can’t talk to his girlfriend, because she then blames him for things I said. Been there, done that twice, learned from it.

It’s hard…

And, it’s affecting my health too

It’s been ages since I last cried about this. Crying doesn’t help, right? No, I am dealing with it as well as I could. I help him when I can, see him when I can (and he doesn’t cancel the meeting because she says he needs to rest).

Many things take my mind away from my worries, if only for moments. I work hard. For my paid job, as well as for my blog, and for other projects: Blogable (have you signed up for the fiction marathon yet?), Wicked Wednesday and a new website I am working on. I watch movies with Master T, keep busy with household chores. And all the time I try not to think, try to keep busy with and concentrated on what I am doing. This helps. Most of the time.

About two months ago, I started suffering from dizziness. Now, this has happened before, so I thought it was back: vertigo. I did what I always did — the Epley maneuver — and hoped after a couple of days it will be over. It took a while, but eventually it was gone. Then about a month ago, I got fierce headache, and for days the vertigo was with me. It happened again and again, and every time it was after a stressful moment. I realized the headache and vertigo was my body’s reaction to the stress.

Maybe if I cry, it will relieve some of the stress. Instead, I just press everything to the back of my mind, and tell myself it will be better.

Because it will…

It will, because spring is coming!

Spring is coming, not only in nature, but in my son’s life too. I always tell him that he’s stronger than he realizes. He is. There’s more intensive care for him just around the corner. He has the confirmation for it; all we have to do now is wait for a pot to come free for him. I need to be strong for him.

I’m sure once he is in a better place, where there is 24/7 care, my headaches and vertigo — and yes, also the hyperventilation and panic attacks — will disappear the same way the snow disappeared when nature told it to make way for spring.

Darkness can’t stay when there is light. Spring allows everything in nature to wake up and renew itself. I wish for my son to find spring, to find the light and begin to heal. He has the strength in him, and I will keep on reminding him of that. At the same time I will keep on pushing my dark thoughts to the dark recesses of my mind, where they belong, and allow the new light of spring to keep me positive too.

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13 thoughts on “Spring is coming!

  1. You are in a difficult situation. I’ve been there and it is stressful and just plain hard! I hope your son is admitted soon. I hope that his being in a place where he is getting the help he needs will help you to come into the light. All the best!

  2. When my boys are unwell it feels like their pain is mine. I can imagine that, as his mum, you may be feeling his darkness as your own. Amplified, in the way maternal love does.

    But you’re right, spring will come. And you are doing everything you can to keep yourself as well as possible. That’s something to be proud of!

    I hope you’re both on the mend soon N x

    1. Thank you so much, N. We all need to get through this, one day at a time. It’s hard, really hard, but we will get there, and we will be able to smile at spring! xox

  3. Stress has cycles like grief and you need to complete the cycle or do something to let the stress out. Crying is ok. Strong people cry.
    (There is a great book called Burnout – by the Nagoski sisters)

    One of the hardest things is letting go of your kids to make their own way. It is tough when you know there is an easier way. But they have to find it for themselves.

    1. Sadly, at this moment my son is not able to make his own way. He’s a danger to himself, and sometimes even to others. He will get through this, because he’s incredibly strong, even though he doesn’t see it. Thank you for your nice comment, David, and I will look into the book 🙂

  4. Hugs Marie. I am thinking if you all and sending all my positive wishes to you and to your son. I hope that things will improve for him soon and hope also that you will find the strength to continue to manage your feelings of fear and stress. Love missy x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Missy. I will start managing my own feelings (hopefully) when my son is in 24/7 care. It’s difficult, but we will get through this. That’s what I keep on telling him too. xox

  5. It’s hard to watch someone you love spiral downward; perhaps the hardest thing about it is letting go of the idea that you can fix it. I hope things improve for your son, and soon.

    There was snow where I live last weekend as well. Yet now there are daffodils poking their way through the soil. Spring is coming!

    1. Oh I love when the daffodils start showing their shiny little ‘faces’.
      Thank you for your good wishes for my son, Feve. Things took a terrible turn on Monday afternoon/evening after I wrote that post. This week has been so hard, and hopefully he will be admitted soon. Currently he can’t be alone anymore.

    1. It does, and it’s time for us to be allowed to go out into the sun – literally and figuratively.

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