Saturday night release

An image showing me with red panties, my hand in them. A perfect thing to do on a Saturday, right?
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More than a year ago I wrote two 100-word stories, but because of circumstances, I stopped with that. Unrelated, ever since I saw Mrs. Fever’s new project, Saturday Night Fever, I wanted to join in. I just didn’t know how. Until I had this idea… to write short, hot 100-word stories to be posted on Saturday nights. I mulled it over in my head for a couple of days, and then decided to go with it. Stories will be paired with some of my older images, and may be true or fiction. You decide…

Fingers deep inside me. His. Curled. Touching… right there. I’m aware only of him. I feel. I crave his touch on my clit. He knows me so well.

“May I come,” I soon beg.

The first slap on my cunt surprises me. Makes me moan. By the third I push my crotch in his hand. Fingers disappear in my depth again, repeating the earlier action. This time I expect the slaps. Crave them. Three slaps. Fingering. Clitoris. More slaps. Four, five. Passion burns; orgasm builds. Six. Seven. Everything’s on fire, and I beg again for release.

“Yes,” he says, “come!”

© Rebel’s Notes

18 thoughts on “Saturday night release

  1. Yes !!! – Very Feverish Marie … lovely words to wake-up to on a sleepy-in morning !!!
    Xxx – K
    P.s. – Loving the red panties of course!!!

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