No Consent: Odette & Nathalie (2)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Odette & Nathalie (2)
October 1994

Continued from… Odette & Nathalie (1)

Nathalie arrived at the end of the afternoon. To Annie’s surprise, she had a three-month-old baby with her — a small detail that no one had bothered to mention to her. When Fran spoke to Nathalie on the phone earlier that day, she had assured her that it would be no problem if she brought the baby with her. Nathalie was in her late twenties, short, slightly chubby woman with half long black hair and dark brown eyes. She had a beautiful smile, even though the scar from a corrected harelip was clearly visible.

Odette arrived about two hours later. As always, they barbecued for dinner. Annie and Fran busied themselves in the kitchen, preparing various side dishes. Odette and Nathalie stayed outside with Fred, getting acquainted with each other. Nathalie did clearly not impress Fred. The special charming manners he normally showed when a new woman visited the smallholding, were nowhere to be seen.

Nathalie fed her baby before all of them moved to the bedroom. The baby slept soundlessly in a buggy in the corner of the room.

The four women took turns to take a bath — Annie and Fran; Odette and Nathalie. Nathalie blended in, not self-conscious at all. Fred went to the bathroom after them, and returning there was almost no room for him on the bed. This didn’t stop him.
“Scoot over,” he brusquely ordered Fran, who was on his side of the bed. Nathalie was on the spot where she would sleep next to Fred that night.

Annie was still upset about the cunning way in which the arrangements for the evening had been made. She was more quiet — aloof. Odette noticed. She turned to Annie when Nathalie and Fran seemed to forget about the others around them. For once, the television wasn’t on, and Fred openly watched what happened next to him, but it didn’t seem to excite him.

Fran slowly kissed her way down Nathalie’s body. Odette sucked on one of Annie’s nipples while her fingers wandered between Fran’s legs. Annie softly stroked Odette’s back, and watched Nathalie uninhibitedly caressing Fred’s cock. Annie still had the feeling that Fred wasn’t enjoying it.

Fran moved into a more comfortable position between Nathalie’s legs, lowered her head and…
“Oh,” Nathalie said, sitting up and at the same time moving away from Fran with a shy smile, “I first need a cigarette.”
Both Annie and Fran glanced up to see Fred’s reaction. His only response was to reach for his own packet of cigarettes on the bedside table. Fran and Odette decided to join the other two. Annie, the only non-smoker, and already unhappy, felt her irritation intensifying. Meaningless chatter and stupid giggling was all that happened during the smoke break. All built-up excitement had disappeared.

Annie wanted nothing more than to go to bed. She couldn’t wait for the evening to end, but it would only be over once Fred had been satisfied. However, it looked like the other four were more into talking than anything else.

Fred started things up again when he bent towards Nathalie and quickly kissed her on her mouth. He kissed her neck and then moved on to her breasts. Annie and Odette were busy with each other and Fran moved down the bed to continue where she left off before the break — between Nathalie’s legs.

Suddenly there were some unusual movements next to Annie and Odette.
“What the fuck?” Fred said, holding a paper tissue against his lips.
“It’s only mother’s milk,” Nathalie said sensitively.
Fred was sucking on Nathalie’s breast when a jet of mother’s milk sprayed into his throat.
“It’s okay. No problem,” Fran assured her.
However, from Fred’s face anyone could figure out it definitely was a problem. Annie and Odette both saw the humor in what had happened, but they knew better than to show it.
“Don’t you like it?” Nathalie asked Fred.
“No, I don’t,” Fred answered honestly.
“I don’t mind it at all, ” Fran remarked immediately, but everyone noticed she avoided sucking on Nathalie’s breasts for the rest of the evening.

The session continued. One moment Odette and Nathalie were busy with each other, then Annie and Nathalie, Fran and Odette, Annie and Odette, Fran and Nathalie. They continuously changed places. For once, Annie preferred to be with Fran, because of her familiar touch.
“Wow,” Nathalie suddenly gasped again, “I need another cigarette.”
“Yes, I totally agree,” Fran said.
Fred and Odette both lighted a cigarette too. Annie realized Nathalie couldn’t handle the sexual tension, which is why she called for the pause. This way no one would be able to reach a climax, least of all Fred.

To be continued… Odette & Nathalie (3)

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