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Sometimes, you walk around for months with a vague idea in your heads, knowing you have to do something, but you’re not quite sure what. Then, totally out of the blue, you have the solution, and once you do, it has to happen now… you need to make a move!

That’s more or less how it went when I thought about the memes I run, and once I had made the decision, the move needed to happen, and it needed to happen fast!

Wicked Wednesday

I started Wicked Wednesday in June 2012, and have had a weekly prompt online every week since then. Currently prompt #457 is online, and will be open until Thursday, 4 March 2021. Wicked Wednesday is a prompt-based meme, but the prompt is not compulsory. Absolutely anything goes for Wicked Wednesday, whether fact or fiction, image or words, on prompt or not. I love running this meme, and getting to know people and blogs through it.

Two more memes

However, Wicked Wednesday is not the only meme I run. On the same website there are two resource memes – The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project.

I took over The Oral Sex Project from Kinky Mia (she doesn’t blog anymore) when it was still The Fellatio Project. It was The Fellatio Project for some time, and ran on this website, until I decided to change it into The Oral Sex Project, to include… well, all kinds of oral sex. This meme just sat there, for anyone to add their posts whenever they wanted, and I barely ever promoted it.

I created The Menopause Diaries when I noticed more symptoms of menopause appearing in my body. I found a lot of websites discussing symptoms, but not many that dealt with personal experiences. Menopause wasn’t something we talked about, it seemed, and especially not in how it affected our daily and sex lives. I wanted to change that. This meme became the same as the oral sex one: an open meme to link whenever you wanted.

The lack of prompts

Having those two memes as ‘open resources’ didn’t really work out. Yes, there were people who linked frequently-ish, but if you look at the number of links, and the age of the memes, it’s clear that people forget about it. I did too, just as I forgot to link to it.

My believe is this had to do with the lack of prompts. I have always said that the reason there is a prompt for Wicked Wednesday, is for it to act as inspiration when you have no idea what to write about. It took me months to understand what I need to do with The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project. And with that decision – that the memes need prompts – came another: I needed to be vigilant not to overstretch myself.

Once the decision was made, the next step was clear.

Move to new homes

Today is the last day you can link your posts to The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project at their old homes on the Wicked Wednesday site. As from tomorrow, both these memes have their own new homes.

The Oral Sex Project

I offered Liz Blackx the opportunity to take over The Oral Sex Project and change it into a prompt-based meme. She was the first on my short list of people to contact, and I was delighted when she agreed to move this meme to a new home. I just know it’s in good hands!

The first prompt is already on the site, and as from 1 March you can link your posts. Please participate!

The Menopause Diaries

This meme is also changing to a prompt-based meme, and will also have a monthly prompt. There is no way in which I can run two weekly memes. Also, I want to give people time to write, as posts have to deal with menopause, but don’t have to be on prompt. The prompt is merely there to inspire you to share your experiences with menopause, whether you suffer from it, or someone in your surroundings.

Creating the site helped to take my mind off many things, and I am proud to present you the new home of The Menopause Diaries! Please have a look around, comment on the posts already there, or look in the sidebar for a preview of the first and second prompts. And then, sometime next month, come back to link your posts. Let’s talk menopause!

Last note

If you are new to memes, here are some pages you should visit:

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5 thoughts on “Memes move to new homes

  1. I’m so excited to be taking over ‘The Oral Sex Project’ and I hope I will do it justice ☺️

    Good luck with ‘The Menopause Diaries’ and ‘Wicked Wednesday’ 😄

    1. Thank you, and you with ‘The Oral Sex Project’ and ‘Erotic Fiction Deluxe’. I do think working with prompts might be the best way to go, as it gives people an idea of what to write 🙂
      And I know ‘The Oral Sex Project’ is in good hands!

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