Imagine this…

Imagine a book, open in the middle, a cloud rising from it, and a naked woman amidst the cloud. That's this image.

Imagine her… the woman at the corner table…

Her red polka-dot dress seems to come from the fifties, but the phone in her hand betrays her age. Her thumbs fly across the tiny screen as she types out a message. She stops typing, looks up and then back at the screen. Then she glances outside. Not casually, but with determination.

She’s waiting for someone. Not a husband, a lover. They’ve decided to meet here, in this small town, close to the city, but far enough that no one familiar will see them. He likes women resembling the portrait of a submissive wife, hence her old-style dress. It’s a first meeting; that’s why she’s nervously looking around to spot him. They meet here for lunch, then afterwards go for a walk in the park. To the hotel then? Not for an overnight stay, but an afternoon of fun. Sexy fun… a spanking on her bare bottom, the one she’s hiding under her dress now. A nice fuck from behind, still wearing her heels and stockings. Maybe even her dress.

Imagine him… the man in the meeting…

He’s casually leaning back in his chair, a pen in the hand resting on a notebook. His head tilted, he listens to the discussion around him, taking notes. He turns his head from one speaker to the other, and no one notices his eyes resting just a bit longer on the secretary. She certainly doesn’t; too engrossed in keeping track of the meeting to write the minutes afterwards.

He has noticed her almost-too-low cut blouse, and the hint of cleavage peeping from it. Her full round breasts have excited him before, and he now thinks of filling his hands with them. Of licking her nipples, and kissing a way down over her stomach. He sees her in front of him, on her back on this conference table, her tight pencil skirt pulled up. Him fucking her while watching her breasts bounce in rhythm with his thrusts.

He shifts in his chair as she catches his eyes on her, holds his gaze, smiles and blushes before continuing taking notes. Between his legs he throbs, as more sexy images of their coupling fills his mind.

Imagine them… together on a public bench

It’s a beautiful sunny spring day as she leans against him, her back resting against his chest. They are watching the other people around, rushing by on their runs or to whatever destination their feet are taking them. No one pays them any attention. They love watching people, and to imagine what their lives are like. But, as they share those stories, his hands wander. First he cups a breast, and she nervously looks around to see if anyone has noticed. No one has.

She’s even more nervous when his hand disappears inside her pants. Her light cardigan hides the position of his hand, but anyone watching them will instantly know what’s happening. By the time he dips into her wetness and circles her clitoris, she’s done caring if people see. She keeps her legs pulled up and close together, giving him just enough room to rub her clitoris.

Tilting her head up, their lips touch, and she moans her climax deep into their passionate kiss.

© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

Wicked Wednesday

10 thoughts on “Imagine this…

  1. Oh such lovely “imaginings” to start my morning with … sitting on a bus and squirming in my seat! Luckily … in these times … no-one is sitting next to me looking down at my phone !!!

    Xxx – K

    1. It’s good that you could read with no one peeking at your phone, and of course it gave you the room to squirm 😉
      Glad you liked it, K xox

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