I celebrate another birthday

Today I celebrate my fifty-fourth birthday.

This is my first birthday ever during a lock-down. In 2020, we celebrated my birthday with the kids here, as well as my best friend. So much is different now from what it was then, and most of it is because of the virus. I work from home 95% of the time now, which has changed my relationship with my colleagues significantly, and not always in a positive way.

Today is an office day, but only half a day, because I arranged to take the afternoon off. I have cakes with me for the colleagues, to celebrate with me, and this afternoon our oldest daughter will visit me, with my grandsons. And that’s it for my birthday, as we are only allowed to have one visitor per day, children under 12 excluded.

Birthdays in past years

My birthday is not a big thing to me, in that I don’t want huge celebrations, but I do like to have it acknowledged. I guess that’s why I mostly share a post on my birthday. In past years I shared:

In some of the posts above, my birthday was the central theme, and in others I only mentioned it briefly. In most of them I shared images of myself, and one image caught my attention. It warmed my heart to see it again, especially since Master T and I recently had a conversation about the kinky side of our relationship.

A favorite to celebrate

Sometimes an image is just so good, you have to share it again. And again. You see, this image was first posted in 2012, and then re-posted in 2017. Since I really, really like it, and since today is my day to celebrate, I am sharing it once more!

Resharing an old image to celebrate my birthday today.
Happy birthday to me…

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44 thoughts on “I celebrate another birthday

    1. Thank you, Brigit, I do hope the year improves, as it’s up to quite a shitty start. But we will get there! We have to!

    1. That indeed is shitty, and the day was as good as it could be under the current circumstances. Thank you for your wishes 🙂

    1. Thank you, Liz. Indeed, it would’ve been nice to have been able to go out for dinner tonight. Oh wait, I had take-out dinner from the big M. That counts too, right? 😛

  1. Happy Birthday, Marie! May your 55th year on Planet Earth be wonderful!

    Elk x

    (And, yes, that is a supersexy image! 😊)

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