My experiences with rope play

Rope play… when you ask Master T whether rope play is a kink of us, he will immediately say no. When you ask me, my answer will be: I wish it was.

The feeling of rope

I absolutely love the feeling of rope hugging my body. I will almost go as far as to say, the tighter the better, but anyone who is into rope play knows the dangers of rope being tied to tightly, and blood flow being cut off. But when tied, I want to feel it. I want the rope to be tight around my chest or hips; to keep my legs or arms in place. Even when being restrained isn’t always comfortable, the rope allows me to let go. To just surrender to it and hand over all control to the rigger. It calms me. Soothes me. Yes, even if and when the rigger is ‘mean’ by pinching my nipples or forcing an orgasm from me.

Where Master T definitely appreciates the beauty of rope work, and understands what it does for me, he just isn’t a rigger. His fingers seem to be in knots before he can tie the rope, and because he just never could get the rope under control, he has lost interest in using it. Even when I did a couple of self-ties, he was reluctant to help me, because he just doesn’t like working with rope. He much rather prefers to use restraints with Velcro strips, or bondage tape. Another method for him to restrain me is using carabine hooks on the wrist and ankle cuffs.

Experience with rope play and a rigger

Back when we still had playdates, we were involved with a couple who frequently went to rope classes. He was the rigger, and she the rope bunny. The big benefit of dates with them was that he always brought his rope with him, and tied both his wife and me in identical ties. Many times we ended up being tied together, and of course in such a way that the men could use us any way they wanted.

Two things on those date that stand out are the one weekend we were with them, and both us women had our wrist tied together, and they were then secured to a rope that hung over a very convenient beam in the chalet we were in. Of course we were then whipped and caned and fingered and kissed… the men could do anything with us they wanted. We were at their mercy and that was brilliant.

The second thing is on a different play date with the same couple, where I got suspended in rope, for the first and only time in my life. The feeling from that was brilliant, even though I found it more difficult to let go of the control while suspended. I was afraid I might be too heavy, that the ropes won’t hold me, and whatever other stupid thoughts crossed my mind back then. I would absolutely love to be suspended again!

Doing self-ties

For many years rope hadn’t touch me, until Mila created the meme, Tie me up Tuesday. The meme is currently on a hiatus, but she assured me it will be back, so keep an eye on it if you wanted to practice your self-tie skills.

When this meme started, I wanted to get involved, but I needed to build my confidence to do so, as I thought I would never get the ties done the way they should be. I was surprised when I did the first tie, and realized that even though you have to restart some of the ties, they were not overly difficult (there’s always a step by step tutorial to go with them) and it was fun to do them. Some of the ties I managed in one go, and a handful of them I had to start over again a couple of times before I got the hang of them.

With two ties I asked Master T to help me. All he had to do was stand behind me and follow the instructions to run the rope under and/or over the rope on my back. The first time he did this, he was okay with it, but the second time he admitted that he didn’t feel comfortable with it, as he just doesn’t like working with the rope. I respected this and did all ties from then on myself, even though working behind my back can be quite a challenge as I then have absolutely no sense of direction!

A collection of rope play images

I am quite proud of the ties I have done for ML’s meme, and love how beautiful the blue and pink rope look in the pictures. I still want to buy at least 20m of red rope, and want to buy a couple of lengths of rainbow rope, as those always look so lovely in the images of others.

Below you see a collection of images from each of the self-ties I have done up to now.

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8 thoughts on “My experiences with rope play

  1. First of all, what a gorgeous collection of rope images. You have done so well with the self ties and this is really encouraging for those who enjoy the feeling of rope but may not have anyone to tie them. I am glad that you have found a way to enjoy the ties whether it is part of your play together or not. And who knows what will come in the future ….

    1. I don’t think he will ever change to wanting to tie me, but incorporating rope into our play definitely is an option if I manage to do these self-ties from memory. Like you say, who knows what will come in the future 🙂

  2. I am a frustrated rigger. (We need to make opportunities in a household with littles)
    Your work is beautiful. The progression of your knot work shows your care and precision.
    Nicely done

    1. Thank you, David. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about kids walking in on us anymore 😉

  3. I did some rope tie classes and miss Bonnie was the wiling rope bunny, She enjoyed it too. (Bonnie is derived from bondage…;-)).
    If I understand you well…you would like a bondage in combination with a spanking (*grin*).

    1. Nice to know where the name Bonnie comes from! And you have understood perfectly well 😉

  4. I love seeing all of your self ties Marie. It’s interesting to read that your expectations on difficulty weren’t met, and that you’ve been able to enjoy completing these ties on yourself.

    I look forward to seeing more of your creations as time goes on. Don’t give up! The more you do, the easier they become, and before you know it the kink you wish you have becomes the kink you are living with. Master T may not be keen, but solo rope is great too, just in a different way.

    1. I will remember these words, N, as I really want to get back to the self-ties, and love the feeling of rope. And I might just tie a harness on myself, and then show Master T and see where it leads… 😉

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