Rope, pain and pleasure

A drawing showing a woman in rope bondage, sitting on a table. The tie can bring about pain and pleasure.

A delicious shiver ran down her spine when the heat radiating from his body warmed her back. His hands lightly brushed against her breasts as his arms circled around her from the back. He placed the rope above her breasts, ran it round to the back and after making sure the rope wasn’t twisted, he pulled it tighter. Not too tight, not too lose… just right.

Anna-Lee sighed. Rope did this with her. Being tied — no matter how simple or complicated the tie — released a delicious cocktail of endorphins that first made her heart race, but then brought her peace. She never knew what he had planned, which was part of the excitement, but sometimes she wondered if their sessions would’ve been as exciting if he didn’t restrain her.

She closed her eyes, concentrated on his movements. Under her breasts he now repeated the double row of rope running above her breasts. Anna-Lee loved the way the rope tightened around her ribs. It felt… secure. Safe. Comforting.

He ran the rope over her left shoulder, down to the band of rope under her breasts, over and under it, and then under the rope above her breasts. A bikini harness she thought, and a slight smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.
“A smile…?” he half asked, half said.
She nodded slightly.
“Open your eyes and look at me,” he said, but even before he completed his sentence her eyes were open, as was her mouth when a loud moan escaped it. To emphasize his words he had pinched her nipple, and was still holding it.
“Yes, Sir,” she quickly said, “the rope makes me smile.”

He released her nipple, tugged on the rope, tightening the part between her breasts. This accentuated Anna-Lee’s breasts, and made her feel sexy and desirable. Even more so when she saw the hint of lust in his eyes as he looked down at her breasts. It was only briefly though, as he disappeared behind her back again to finish the tie.

“Arms to the back,” he said, and Anna-Lee instantly knew what he wanted. She grabbed each wrist with the opposite hand behind her back, and relaxed her shoulders as he started securing her hands behind her back. As soon as he was done with the tie, his hands closed over her breasts, and thumbs and forefingers gripped her nipples, rolling and pinching the nubs of flesh. Anna-Lee hissed and puffed, trying to breathe through the pain. She tried to stop a whimper, but failed… and breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped.

“Not too bad, right?” he said as he stood in front of her, his finger under her chin, lifting her face to look up at him.
“No, Sir,” she said.
“Spread your legs.”
Anna-Lee obeyed.

He reached for something behind her, and then secured a spreader bar between her legs. A trickle of wetness escaped from her center, betraying her arousal. She smelled it in the air, and knew he could too. Once secured, there was no way for her to hide it from him anymore. Not that she wanted to. She wanted him to see. To touch. To taste. She needed him to take what is his.

Anna-Lee raised her head to him when he once again stood in front of her, and kissed him passionately when his mouth lowered onto hers. She moaned loudly into their kiss when he harshly pinched her nipple again, pulling her onto her tip-toes. Two fingers disappeared into her wetness. His mouth, those two fingers in her cunt, and those pinching her nipple kept her body from swaying.

His thumb pressed down hard on her clitoris. Anna-Lee tightened the muscles in her legs. He circled the delicious nerve endings. Pleasure and pain ran through her body. Pain from the pinching. Pleasure from the circling. Pain from her legs growing tired. Pleasure and pain. Pain and pleasure. They built in equal measures, until…

… pleasure won.
She broke off their kiss, panting.

“I need… I… I… need to… Sir please, may I…”
Her yes pleaded with him,and she seemed unable to form a full sentence.

“Sir, I… Sir please… please may I…”
She swallowed, closed her eyes, breathed in hard, opened her eyes again and blurted out: “Sir, may I come, please?”


© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

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8 thoughts on “Rope, pain and pleasure

  1. rope and nipple torture and all things delicious in this tale. You sure know the way to my heart Marie 🙂
    That final word almost made me combust!

  2. OMG Marie … I’m having a lie-in on a cold Sunday morning … and reading this has got me so, so worked up I may be here for hours yet. Recovering !!!
    Wonderful story … oohh !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. mmm thank you, K. It’s always good to know one of my stories touched someone like this… and I like the image in my head of you having to recover, and what you did to bring you to this state 😉 xox

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