No Consent: Odette & Nathalie (1)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Odette & Nathalie (1)
October 1994

Continued from… Odette (4)

2 October
“Oooh, my head hurts so much,” Odette moaned when she and Fran sat down on the bed in the main bedroom.
“What were you thinking last night?” Fred asked, his voice grumpy.
“Why?” Odette answered with a counter-question.
“Why did you arrive here drunk? I didn’t like that,” Fred said with a sound in his voice that made both Annie and Fran physically flinch. Odette didn’t falter.
“You don’t have to like it if you don’t want to. I’m a grown woman, same age as you. It’s my decision what I do, when I do it and how I enjoy myself,” she laughed, sounding a bit cooler than moments before.

“Yes, I know that. But do you think it’s normal to pay someone a visit when you’re drunk?” Fred continued. It surprised Annie and Fran that he sounded friendlier.
“Fred,” Odette said, now without a slight sign of a smile, “you knew that I was going to a party. You knew that I would have a drink there. Whether I arrive here drunk or whether I don’t arrive at all — all the same, you would not be happy. Just leave it. It’s past time.”

Annie and Fran were both flabbergasted when Fred indeed kept quiet. He was mistaken about Odette. She was not the same as Annie and Fran, who would obey his every word. Odette’s own individuality had priority and she would not allow anyone to violate it. Not even Fred. Good for you, Odette!

5 October
“Good afternoon, this is Nathalie Rowans. I’m responding to the advert of the club for bisexual woman. Could someone please return my call?”

Annie and Fred listened to a message, which was recorded on the answering machine while they were at work. Fred rewound the tape and listened to the message again. This time he scribbled the telephone number Nathalie had left on a piece of paper. He dialed the number while Annie nervously waited. No one answered on the other side.

That evening in bed, the message of Nathalie came up in a conversation.
“Fred, I have a request,” Annie said while she looked at Fran, with whom she had already discussed this.
“Can we spend this weekend alone?”
“What do you mean ‘alone’?”
“I would like it if we invited no one — no other women — to the smallholding this weekend. My operation is on Tuesday and I won’t be able to have sex for some time after that. Can the three of us just have fun this weekend, as we did before we invited other women over? Please?”

Fred looked at her and he laughed.
“Of course, my darling,” he said.

7 October
When Annie returned home that afternoon, Fran was already there. This was strange, as Fran normally arrived home after Annie.
“Annie,” Fran said with a satisfied smile, “we’ have visitors tonight.”
Annie looked startled, but at the same time, she was furious.
“Nathalie Rowans and Odette.”
“What about my request to have no visitors this weekend? Fred promised,” Annie said, distressed.
“Annie, you know how Fred is when he made his decision — there’s nothing that will change his mind now,” Fran said and walked to the kitchen.
Fuming Annie stayed behind. Stupid cow! Bitch! Stupid scheming bitch!

Annie learned later that Nathalie hadn’t responded to the advert in the paper, but heard about the club from Joy. Nathalie and her husband were in the same swinging scene as Joy and her husband. Joy had given her the number of the club and told Nathalie to call Fred.

Apparently, Fred was indeed planning to stick to his agreement to invite no one over for that weekend. Unfortunately for Annie, his hormones acted up again. He called Nathalie early that morning. When he wanted to make an appointment with her, she said she would only do it once she had a conversation with either Fran or Annie. Because of Annie’s request, Fred knew she would refuse to talk to Nathalie. He had called Fran and ordered her to make the call. Fran arranged the appointment.

Nathalie wanted what Fred, Fran and Annie had, a three-way relationship. Her husband had no objections to her visiting the people on the smallholding without him. However, having only Nathalie as their visitor was not enough for Fred. He invited Odette too. Once again, he concocted a situation where he would be able to reach a couple of goals. Getting rid of Odette was one of them. Helping Nathalie and her husband was another. Of course, the most important was he would have four women in his bed! He would have more choice as to whom he wanted to fuck.

Annie was terribly unhappy with the plans, because of realizing that Fred and Fran — but mostly Fred — thought only of their own pleasure. She found some solace in the idea that Odette would be there too.

To be continued… Odette & Nathalie (2)

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