No Consent: Odette (4)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Odette (4)
October 1994

Continued from… Odette (3)

1 October
During the afternoon the adults worked to get the area around the barbecue ready for the visitors they expected that evening. Fred wanted to make a good impression, on the married couple that have responded to the advert which still ran in the paper. In their letter they had mentioned they wanted to invite a woman to join them as a couple. Fred came up with the idea — a brilliant one according to him — to introduce Odette to the couple. This way, he said, they would get rid of Odette in an accepted way.

Odette would only arrive on the smallholding after eight o’clock that evening, as she had a work-related function she first had to attend. The married couple were expected an hour earlier, so Fred, Fran and Annie could get acquainted with them first.

Fred and Fran did most of the talking. Within the first couple of minutes, it became clear the wife came up with the idea to invite a woman into their bed. The husband came across as arrogant and overly confident, and didn’t hide his interest in Annie. Annie politely talked to him, and a couple of times, she saw that Fred was watching them. The man asked Annie to take a walk with him. She declined a couple of times and when he didn’t back off, she went inside. She only went back outside when Odette’s car pulled up in the driveway.

The evening was doomed to be a complete failure. Odette put her overnight bag in the main bedroom, before she came outside.
“Hello people,” the well-known words were spoken, “sorry that,” she hiccupped, “…I’m a bit late.”
Odette was more than just a bit tipsy, and noisier than normal.

To Fred’s disappointment, the married couple had little interest for Odette. They left shortly after the arrival of the intoxicated woman, declining Fran’s invitation to stay for dinner. Fred said nothing about Odette’s condition, even though the irritation could be read from his face. In his crooked mind, he was happy Odette arrived when she did, as he found it increasingly difficult to hide his annoyance for the arrogance of the male visitor.

After dinner, Fred and Odette went to the big living room, while Fran and Annie cleared away the dishes. Like many other evenings, Fred grabbed his guitar and started playing. Odette sat on the floor listening to him. After a while, she lay down on her stomach with her head resting on her arms. Annie and Fran joined them. They listened to Fred’s music and singing for a while. When he stopped and put his guitar away, it was a clear sign to Annie and Fran that something should happen to justify Odette’s visit. This meant foreplay for the obligatory sex that had to follow.

Fran kneeled next to Odette. Annie, who had already noticed Odette had (thankfully) fallen asleep, stood up and went to the kitchen. She opened the tap, pretending she had to wash her hands.
“Odette, Odette” she heard Fran’s voice, while she dried her hands on a kitchen towel.

Nothing Fran did could wake Odette from her deep sleep. Fran finally had to accept her attempts had no effect. Apparently Odette had more to drink that anyone realized. What now?
“Fred, what should we do?” Fran asked, pouting her lips, “I’m really in the mood for sex.”

Fred was angry. He wasn’t in the mood for sex anymore. He wasn’t in the mood for anything.
“Annie sleeps with me tonight.”
Fran looked at him, shocked. Her eyes begged with him, as it was her turn to sleep with him. Fred pretended that he didn’t to see his wife’s disappointment or pain.

“You wake Odette and the two of you sleep in Annie’s room,” he said and then disappeared.
“It’s my turn to sleep with him,” Fran moaned when she knew he couldn’t hear her anymore. Annie was feeling nastily happy. How many times did Fred change their ground rules on her in the past months? How many nights did she cry herself to sleep because of Fred’s injustice?

“Fran, you know how Fred is when he made his decision — there’s nothing that will change his mind now,” Annie said, using the same words Fran frequently used with her when she was unhappy about one of Fred’s whims. Due to the verbal abuse she had to endure in the last months, Annie had developed a nasty streak. Annie didn’t like this new characteristic of herself, but she continued: “You lock up everything, Fran. Sleep well!”

Before Fran had a chance to respond, Annie was gone. Even though Fred wasn’t in the mood for sex — she knew that he would have had sex with Fran if she had spent the night with him — Annie experienced an unknown satisfaction for how she had responded to Fran. A slight feeling of guilt tinged her satisfaction.

To be continued… Odette & Nathalie (1)

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