No Consent: Odette (3)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Odette (3)
September 1994

Continued from… Odette (2)

19 September
Annie sighed happily when she checked her bank statement. She was one of two members in her department who received an extra bonus with their salary.

Annie picked up the phone and dialed a number.
“This is Annie Bancroft,” she said when the connection was established, “may I speak to doctor Foster?”
“One moment please.”

A couple of minutes later, Annie put the phone down. The plastic surgery on her stomach would be done less than a month, on October 11. She was nervous and scared, because the only other operation she ever had, was when her womb was removed two years earlier. Nevertheless, she was determined to be more desirable. She wanted Fred to want her more than his wife or any other woman he invited into his bed. This desire blinded her from any rationality. One thought dominated her entire being: she will win back Fred’s affection.

He would be so proud of her.

24 September
“Hello people,” they heard Odette’s familiar greeting when she rounded the corner of the house, walking towards the barbecue where they all stood.
“Hey girl,” Fred greeted her, “I’m glad to see you. Maybe I can get my way with you tonight!”
A deep laugh accompanied his comment. He was back to how Annie and Fran knew him — a man who wouldn’t let any woman slip through his fingers.

“A new girl started in the shop today,” Odette said when all of them had something to drink. “Wow, it’s such a sexy little thing. It took a lot of restraint not to stare at her ass. I think I’m in love,” she smiled.
“Don’t keep all nice things to yourself, Odette,” Fred urged, “bring her with you so we can all have some fun.”

Annie and Fran looked at each other in disbelief. Four women? Did Fred not know when to stop? Was he totally out of his mind? He couldn’t even handle three women! What would he do if a fourth joined them?

“I’ll see what I can arrange. I like to keep my private life private,” Odette said reluctantly. Annie was relieved when she sensed Odette reluctance to fulfill Fred’s request.

The evening was once again as relaxed as the weekend before, including the sex, which started in the living room and then moved on to the bedroom.

Fred at last had ‘his way’ with Odette.

25 September
Just after lunch, Odette went home. Annie, Fred and Fran sat outside. The kids were swimming.
“Honey, did you have sex when you were alone with Odette last night?” Fran asked in her typical curious manner.
“Yes,” Fred said, sounding uninterested.
“And? Did you like it?”

It took a while before any reaction came from her husband.
“Yuck. Just… yuck.”
“Why?” Fran could barely hide the satisfaction in her voice. Annie listened absentmindedly.
“It did not feel nice,” Fred said nastily, “it felt like I entered a wind tunnel.”
“Then she’s not allowed to come back again?” Fran asked.
“Well… yes, she is. No… I actually don’t know,” Fred said unsure.
“We are only halfway with the roof. I need more paint. If we break off our contact with her now, I might have to pay the full price for the paint. We will have to bear her company until the roof and all the window frames have been painted.”

Feeling revulsion, Annie listened to him. He was blatantly taking advantage of Odette! Just when she thought he couldn’t surprise her anymore…

However, she showed no reaction to his words. This made her feel guilty. She wished she had the nerve to tell Odette, but there were several reasons why she wouldn’t do it. For one she was afraid of Fred’s reaction if he should ever find out she told Odette. Secondly, Odette’s presence gave her a grip on the mess into which her life had turned. Annie kept her mouth shut for her own selfish reason: she didn’t want Odette to disappear from her life.

30 September
Annie and Fred had coffee together in the small living room. Since Odette’s last visit, Fred’s manner towards Annie was cooler again.
“Fred, why are you treating me as the odd one out?”
“Annie, what are you talking about?” Fred wanted to know, irritation in his voice. His attitude caused Annie’s own irritation to change into anger.

“What I’m talking about? You want to know what I am talking about?! Well, I will tell you,” she said furious, and almost screaming.
“The three of us are supposed to have a sex life, but I’m being used as a sex toy. I’m used to excite you and your wife and then sent to my room. Like a sex toy, I’m put on the bedside table. Then the two of you fuck ‘til you drop. I’m tired of being used as an object. If, yes if you have sex with me, it’s over almost before it began. I only get the crumbs and then I even have to be thankful for that! Yes, indeed,”she spat, “the three of us have a sex life as agreed upon!”

Annie’s anger doubled when Fred laughed. Tears streamed down her face. Tears of anger.
“My love,” Fred said, his voice sounding the same as it did when he tried to seduce a woman, “of course you are not a sex toy. But,” he promised, “as soon as your operation is over, we will catch up on lost time.”

Annie didn’t recognize his empty promise. All she wanted was for Fred’s feelings for her to return. For that, she would do anything.

To be continued… Odette (4)

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    1. Odette really was lovely, and it’s sad I lost contact with her, although there might be a way to find her again. She was a support…

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