No Consent: Helena (8)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Helena (8)
September 1994

Continued from… Helena (7)

Nevertheless, Helena’s mood was much different from the previous time she had been on the smallholding. She was withdrawn and quiet. At times, she openly showed her irritation. When Fred asked her to join him outside, she refused.
“No. I’m going to help Annie and Fran with the salad,” she bluntly said, and she only went outside once Annie and Fran went to join Fred too. Helena spoke only when one of the three other adults directly asked her something. She had an unfriendly disposition.

“Is something wrong, Helena?” Fred eventually asked. His voice was harsh, and he was tired of her hostility.
She quickly glanced in the direction of Annie, who was anxiously watching her. Then she looked at Fran. Her eyes rested on Fred next.
“I don’t want to cause problems between you, your wife and your fiancée. I am an intruder. I don’t belong here.”
“Helena,” Fran responded, his voice now much friendlier and soothing “of course you belong here too. You are not causing us any problems. Really. I promise.”

Just like Fred should, Annie and Fran knew his words weren’t true. It was as if Helena sensed this. She wasn’t satisfied with this answer.
“Come on,” Fran said, “you and I are going for a walk.”
Helena allowed Fran to lead her away from Fred and Annie. Whatever Fran told the Greek woman while they were away; it worked. Helena was in a much better mood when they returned.

Still, the sphere was disturbed. No one could get into their stride. In the bath, Helena proudly showed the other women that she had shaved her pubic hair. Fred had asked her to do it. Helena had done it two days earlier and she had stubbles al over.
“Quickly shave again,” Fran asked, handing her a razor, “then it’s nice and smooth again.”
“Oh no!” Helena exclaimed with disgust in her voice. “I’m never going to do it again. It itches too much!”
“If you shave frequently, it won’t itch anymore,” Annie advised. Nothing that either Annie or Fran said could move Helena to touch the razor; let alone shave herself.

After the bath, Helena laid down on the massage table at the request of the two other women. They massaged her with fragranced oils — Fran on the one side and Annie on the other. Their mouths worked their way down Helena’s body too. They left that one special place for last. When it was evident Fred was not yet going to join in, both Annie and Fran also took turns to lie down on the massage table, since Helena insisted.

From the bed, Fred watched every move. When Helena asked and insisted, Fred also got onto the table, where the three women massaged him at the same time. They told him to guess who’s hand touched him where. With her eyes, Fran tried to persuade Helena to massage Fred’s cock. At first Helena didn’t want to so it, but eventually she did. Fred’s excitement and his erection grew. Helena got onto the table and lowered herself over him. Annie and Fran stood next to the table and they tried to find some space to be part of the fun. Fred told Helena to turn around, and once her back was turned to him, the other women could suck her nipples. Fred fucked Helena hard, and grunted when he climaxed inside her.

4 September
The next morning it looked like Fred and Helena had a fight the night before after Fran and Annie had left. Or, maybe they had just had enough of each other. Maybe the excitement of their ‘affair’ had worn off? Or… or maybe Fred wanted to move on to greener pastures?

Fred and Helena didn’t speak to each other. Fran noticed their aversion. Her solution for saving the situation was sex. The previous evening in bed, Annie and Fran had decided they would do all they could to keep Helena in the game. They wanted her to be the fourth woman to join them. They would not allow her to move to the smallholding, but Helena would be welcome to spend every weekend with them. This way, the women hoped, they could quench Fred’s thirst for more women. The hostile attitudes of Fred and Helena were now threatening their plan.

“Come on, we’re all going to the bedroom,” Fran said just after they had lunch.
“What about the kids?” Fred asked, and Annie almost snorted. This was the first time she heard him to be worried about the kids when there was a prospect of having sex.
“I’ve taken care of that. They are all watching a movie,” Fran answered. With that, she took away the only objection that Fred could think of.

The three women quickly bathed and what followed was almost identical to the previous evening. The only difference was when Annie was on her back on the table, Fred suddenly appeared at the edge of the table. He roughly grabbed her feet and pulled her towards him. Fred entered Annie with force, ignoring both Fran and Helena. Once satisfied, he pulled out, pushed her legs aside and went to the bathroom to wash himself. He got dressed and left the bedroom without another word.

To Annie and Fran — maybe also for Helena — it was clear that Fred was done with the Greek woman.

To be continued… Odette (1)

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