Household Items You Can Use for Kinky Sex

An image showing a candle and ice, household items that can be used as sex toys to spice up a relationship.

Have no doubt about it — sex toys are one of the cornerstones of a successful and thriving relationship. They bring novelty to stale and uninteresting sex lives that long-time couples often suffer from. And more and more people are starting to realize that, making sex toys more popular than ever.

Besides enhancing sexual performance and leading to more fulfilling intimate relationships, sex toys lead to increased self-awareness and even better health. Suffice it to say that there are more than a few reasons to start using them with your partner or solo.

What’s even greater is that you don’t have to dish out too much money to get started. Fleshlights and other masturbators are pretty fun to play with, and there are some high-tech gadgets you can use at your discretion. But households are usually overflowing with sexual aids you never knew you could use.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to household sex toys. They’re as common as the day is bright, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some safety precautions. That’s the number one thing to worry about when finding stuff around you… to stuff inside you.

Make sure both you and your partner are willing to experiment and make sure to clean the “toys” before and after each use. Condoms are also advisable when messing around with household items.

We’ll go over some of the kinkiest sex toys you didn’t even know you had.

Best Household Items to Play With

Some of the household sex toys we’ll mention here might be new to you. Some, you probably already thought about trying:

  • Ice cubes and candle wax for sensation stimulation
  • Spatula for spanking
  • Towel and electric toothbrush for mutual masturbation 
  • Tie or stockings for light bondage
  • Clothespins as nipple clamps.

Let’s start with a bit of temperature play.

Ice Cubes and Candle Wax

Temperature play gives an unexpected twist to any sexual activity.

You might just be engaging in a bit of foreplay or trying to surprise your partner mid-game. In either case, ice cubes and candle wax are your best friends.

Ice cubes can stimulate more sensitive parts of your body such as the genitals, earlobes, and neck among others. 

As a matter of precaution, let the ice cubes begin to melt before using them. They won’t be as pleasant when they’re straight out of the freezer and can be painful if they get stuck to your genitals.

But that’s also where you can feel those ice cubes the best — on your clit and labia. Either you or the partner can put the ice cubes in your mouth and then perform oral on each other. It also makes for more intense kissing.

Candle wax takes temperature play in the opposite direction. It’s intense, hot, and can make your partner go crazy with lust. But it’s also quite dangerous since there’s an obvious fire hazard.

Make sure to use special body-safe candles for such an activity. And by all means, keep anything flammable as far away from candles as possible. Playing with candle wax is extremely arousing, but takes a lot of preparation. And by that, we mean staying safe with an open flame in your bedroom.


Who doesn’t love a bit of light BDSM from time to time?

The most common ways to engage in kinky rough play involve either spanking or bondage. We’ll talk about the latter further down the line.

A household is filled with spanking aids. You can use literally anything to inflict some sexual hurt on your partner. Belts, ping pong paddles, your hand… and most interestingly, a spatula.

The very specific shape of a spatula can bring some intense spanking pleasure. It’s a real treat for any couple looking to try out some light BDSM.

There are no special safety considerations here. Just make sure your partner knows what’s going on in your head before bringing a spatula to bed.

Towel and Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is possibly your best household sexual aid. Unless you know how to make your own vibrator, a toothbrush is the next best thing you can use.

Perfect for both solo play as well as in a duo, an electric toothbrush can send waves of pleasure throughout your body. And it really feels kinky using a toothbrush in such a way, adding to the overall incredible experience.

Of course, you should take steps to ensure this game of yours is safe and hygienic. Wrap the toothbrush in a towel or a condom before you use it in such an unconventional manner.

You’ll grow to love toothbrushes as sexy time accessories. You can carry them around with you, they’re very discreet and super effective. If both you and your partner turn out to enjoy mutual masturbation so much, you could try and make your own masturbator as well.

Ties or Stockings

We mentioned bondage as a very creative way to spice up sex life and fire up the old lust.

Luckily, you won’t need much besides what you can already find in your closet. Ties and stockings are a perfect bondage tool to restrain your partner.

Using bondage sex toys gives one of the partners all the control, which can be a major kink for some people. Just make sure both of you are comfortable with activities like that one before you go tying each other to bedposts.

Silk ties or stockings also make the entire experience far more sensual. So use only clothing items you have for special occasions — because this is one.


Back for more BDSM?

Clothespins are the ultimate household BDSM items. You can clamp on any part of the body that your partner consents to. 

Before you head directly for labia, however, make sure that your clothespins aren’t too strong for your partner. Try them out on the index finger or the thumb. If you can withstand that, you’re ready for some nipple (and other kinds of) clamping.


The household sex toys we mentioned here today are mostly hygienic (with the exception of the toothbrush) so you don’t have to worry too much.

All that matters is that you feel comfortable and safe using any of the above. Communication is key here — when both you and your partner know what the other one wants, you’re ready for all kinds of adventures. And that’s precisely what using household items in sex really is.

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  1. Being careful with candles is important. I had had candles used on me many times. However before I met my Queen, I dated a girl who wanted me to dominate her one day (usually it went the other way). I decided to use candles not realizing the different temperatures depending on the wax. I burned her—it was a short play period as a result. The burn could have been far worse, but luckily I dropped the wax from a pretty high height. I felt awful and researched to find out what went wrong. It was at that point that I learned of the different waxes and temperatures they burned at. Key information! Ignorance was not bliss in this situation!

    1. That indeed is a good tip, and I think many of us have made mistakes like this when we just started out, so it never harms mentioning this caution once more. Thank you for doing so 🙂

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