Take the footpath, not the highway

If life were a highway, I would still look for the footpath, for walking that, I would learn about us, enjoying the extra time to do so.

~ Tom Althouse

Every time in 2020 my daughter and I had a photo outing planned, the virus messed with our plans. No, not that either of us got sick, but because we went into lockdown and the advice was: stay home. So, we did.

I love to be outside with her, to just walk and talk and stop every now and then to take a photo of fungi or flowers, of the sky and the trees, or the footpath ahead. I really have a thing for footpaths, or roads stretching out ahead and disappearing in the distance. I’m sure there’s food for psychologists there.

An image of a footpath between the trees and three horses in the distance.
A footpath in the middle of the country, taken on a sunny afternoon in May 2018

The lyrics of the song, The Road Ahead by City to City captures the essence of a footpath or road ahead.

Horizon in the distance
So close and yet so far away

You shouldn’t be surprised when on arrival
The dream has flown away
And fears not here to stay

Is that the magic of the footpath, now knowing what lies ahead? Being excited for what you might find, but also a bit scared that you won’t find what you want?

A footpath in Willemstad on a cold day in January 2018.
A lovely footpath around the historical town of Willemstad on a cold January day in 2018

The road ahead never gives away a promise
The road ahead is a highway or a dead end street

Whenever we embark on a journey, whether on a highway, or a footpath; whether a physical journey where we walk or travel somewhere, or a mental one, where we try to make sense of life, we never know what we will find when we arrive. Life takes twist and turns with us, and I believe everything happens for a reason. The good, and the bad. We learn lessons as we travel those roads; lessons that can serve us well when we come to a new road we have to travel.

A footpath in a nature area in Barendrecht.
A nature area in Barendrecht – image from June 2019

Raindrops on your windscreen
They fall
From heaven or from hell

You drive into the light
Or into darkness
Uncertainty as your guide

A footpath leading over a bridge in the Biesbosch
A footpath in the Biesbosch, leading over a bridge – image from August 2017

And nothing is sure along the way
Not even tomorrow
With miles of the unknown
Ahead of you

Sometimes we know what will happen, because we have travel the road before. We have walked the same footpath over and over again, so there’s nothing unknown about it. But is this really true? Do we always know what awaits us? Even if you have traveled the road before, you might come across something unexpected the next time you do.

A footpath in the Biesbosch, Breda
One of the many footpaths in the Biesbosch – image from September 2017

The road ahead is empty
It’s paved
With miles of the unknown

Whatever seems to be your destination
Take life the way it comes
Take life the way it is

That’s just it, isn’t it? We should take life the way it comes; the way it is. Life happens to all of us. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad. We all have our highs and our lows. Life offers us happy times, but also those sad ones, where you feel like you will never be happy again.

We all come out on the other side, whatever seems to be our destination, as the song says. The low times are needed to appreciate the better times, or simply be happy with what we have. It doesn’t always have to be bigger and better. Something what we have is good enough, and it makes us happier to just Take life the way it is than to always want more.

The above are not things I actively think of when I snap a shot of a footpath ahead of me, but subconsciously those thoughts might be present. Like I said… food for psychologists.

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10 thoughts on “Take the footpath, not the highway

  1. You’re so right Marie. It doesn’t matter the path or how many times we walk it, there will always be new views to take in. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
    Thank you for linking up N xx

  2. You have definitely reminded me of Robert Frost’s poem, taking the unknown path is what many of us do when it comes to our creative outlets. Thank you for sharing some gorgeous pictures as well as the song.

    1. Thank you, Jae. I love that poem – I couldn’t recall it, so looked it up. The unknown path can lead to surprising thing indeed.

  3. Oh this is a lovely post Marie – What wonderful footpath images – I have a few of my own too. And they say you have to meet the demon b4 you can truly understand the angel
    May xx

    1. I love that expression, May, and it is so true! Would love to see your images too, like I said, there’s something magical about footpaths ❤ xox

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