Eleven years and eleven of eleven things

An image of a street with the number eleven painted in yellow.

Eleven years ago I decided to start Rebel’s Notes. The name was one of the first that came to mind, and where at first my blog was started to share my erotica, the name proved to be perfect when I wanted to share other things too. Nowadays my little corner on the world wide web has so much of me. Images, personal thoughts, memories, happiness, sadness, friendships… all of that and so much more.

At first I had no ide on how to celebrate eleven years of blogging and then, as I sat here mumbling ‘eleven… eleven…’ an idea struck. So today I am sharing 11 things of 11 things.


Just read on.

And, I apologize for a very long post!

Looking at my own blog first

Since this is a celebration of my blog, I thought to look at different aspects of it first.

Top 11 search terms on my blog

These are the top 11 search terms from the beginning, with links to the search terms. Some search terms are seen more than once, but then either written as one word, misspelled or in plural.

  1. nipple torture
  2. nipple orgasm
  3. anal hook
  4. true sex stories
  5. redtube
  6. anal stretching
  7. clit clip
  8. submissive positions
  9. pussy whipping
  10. jewel butt plug
  11. double penetration

Top 11 posts since the start

I have an enormous number of posts on my blog (published 2800+) and where I sometimes look at the top post of a specific period, I have never looked at the most read post since the beginning. Here they are:

  1. Plug Punishment – posted October 2012 – 42.115 views
  2. Punishment: No underwear – posted February 2013 – 25.705 views
  3. The Feel of an Anal Hook – posted August 2015 – 23.645 views
  4. Nipple torture – posted April 2012 – 21.254 views
  5. Riding adventure 3/3 – posted March 2013 – 19.039 views
  6. I tried figging… the preparation – posted July 2013 – 17.212 views
  7. Anal hooks – posted April 2012 – 16.492 views
  8. Nipple orgasm – posted March 2012 – 15.163 views
  9. Nipple banding – posted October 2015 – 13.572 views
  10. The dentist 2/3 – posted December 2011 – 13.448 views
  11. Anal stretching – posted September 2012 – 12.550 views

11 posts I really like

This section was one of the hardest to do, as I had to go through eleven years of posts, and choose my favorites – one from each year

  1. 2010 – Wedding anniversary – there aren’t many post to choose from in 2010, but even if there were, this will probably always be my favorite, as I still remember that night in the car, on my way back from class, and shooting this image driving 100km an hour!
  2. 2011 – The entire bus tour series – I know this is cheating (hey, this is my celebration post(, but remembering how much fun I had writing this series (and I know, I might cringe at the writing now), I just had to highlight it here again!
  3. 2012 – Katie & Steve – another cheat as I am sharing another series, this one written by me and a dear friend. With the world in the state it is in now, he’s sort of missing in action, but I would love writing a story with him again!
  4. 2013 – Erotic Massage Date – another series, this time a true encounter of a very sexy massage date, and one I would love to repeat.
  5. 2014 – X marks the spot – this story just sort of happened. An erotic tale with a macabre twist.
  6. 2015 – Buck and Chicca – oh how much fun I had writing this story. I smiled the moment I saw the title.
  7. 2016 – Iris – Iris, oh Iris. The moment I saw this title from 2016, I knew I shouldn’t look any further. I wonder where she is in the world today. Beautiful Iris.
  8. 2017 – I told my mom – a day in hospital with my mom, and sharing things I never thought I would share with her. I’m glad I did, and I wish I told her even more.
  9. 2018 – Pachelbel – when I see or hear the name of this piece of music, sadness always seems to fill my heart. The note at the bottom of this story explains why.
  10. 2019 – Oops, I Did It Again… – they are almost two years old, and I am still so incredibly happy with my nipple piercings. The third time really is a charm!
  11. 2020 – Are we really back this time? – Yes, we were, and we still are, even though some weekends have been skipped, due to my tiredness from worrying about my son. But, we’re back!

11 images of myself

The same goes for this section… going through all of my blog was quite a journey, but here are 11 images of myself I really like. You will notice that here I start at 2011, and not in 2010, as there were little images in 2010.

  1. 2011 – HNT8: Love, Submission & Commitment – I think this will always be my favorite image from this year, not only because of the image, but also the significance of this tattoo.
  2. 2012 – Feet – so many good images were taken in this year, but this one stands out to me every time I browse through them.
  3. 2013 – Love is… – this was just such a fun series of images to do.
  4. 2014 – Adorned – this must be one of my favorite images Master T made of me.
  5. 2015 – If You Go Out In The Woods Today… – this image brings back memories of a lovely weekend, and I love the perspective of it.
  6. 2016 – A is for… Aroused – an image from a long weekend in a hotel, back when we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.
  7. 2017 – Convergent – I love this overexposed image, and there’s just something about having your legs up against the wall like this.
  8. 2018 – Emotions – an image taken in my mom’s empty house, just a month after her passing. Life goes on, while we also allow our grief.
  9. 2019 – Shifting Focus – I am still so very happy with my nipple piercings, and these images, showing them, are amongst my favorites.
  10. 2020 – Stretch to fit – I don’t know what it is about this image, but every time I see it, I smile. I love it!
  11. 2021 – Elephants and my love for them – with only three images to choose from for this year, I chose to highlight this post because of the message in it, not only the image.

Promoting others

Without all those others out there – bloggers and readers – I wouldn’t have continued blogging for all this time. There are so many people out there who inspire me, and I am highlighting a handful of them in this section.

11 blogs

I am subscribed to a lot of blogs, and get all of their new posts in my email. I make a point of setting aside time during the week to read those new posts. Below you find some of my favorite blogs. If you are not mention here, it doesn’t mean I don’t like your blog, just that I only had eleven slots.

  1. Submissy
  2. Sex Matters
  3. MLSlavePuppet
  4. Life of a Kinky Wife
  5. Brigit Delaney
  6. Modesty Ablaze
  7. Steeled Snake
  8. Purple’s Gem
  9. A Leap of Faith
  10. Corrupting Mrs Jones
  11. Vanilla Mom

11 memes

I have been running a couple of memes for years, of which one is a weekly meme, the other two ongoing ones. But, I don’t only run memes, I also participate in them, because I fiercely believe that you should support others in their projects, and even more so when they support you. Memes I frequently participate in are listed below (and yes, I am also promoting two of my own).

  1. 4 Thoughts – hosted by May More, and a place where you can share your thoughts or fiction related to the prompt.
  2. Tell Me About… Dominance and Submission – hosted by Submissy, and here you can share your experiences or thougths on dominance and submission, following the prompt.
  3. Monochromerotic – hosted by Littlegem, and here you can share your sexy monochrome images.
  4. Mindful Moments – hosted by The Barefoot Sub, and a place to share your positive thoughts and experiences.
  5. Musically Ranting – hosted by Jae Lynn, and this meme is all about music!
  6. Tie Me Up Tuesday – hosted by Mila, and it’s a meme all about rope work (currently it’s on hiatus, but it will be back!).
  7. Erotic Journal Challenge – hosted by Brigit Delaney, and she wants to hear your thoughts following her monthly prompt.
  8. The Menopause Diaries – hosted by yours truly, and it’s all about menopause.
  9. MMM Mondays – hosted by MrsK, and here you share everything that makes you and others go mmm.
  10. Feve has several memes going, sometimes only for a month, such as her September Song Project, but she also did a prompt Reminiscences, and there you can still link to the last prompt. Currently she has a new project you can join, Saturday Night Fever.
  11. Wicked Wednesday – and this is another meme by me, where you can share anything, whether on prompt or not.

11 posts by others

  1. April’s Submissive Training Journal by Submissy
  2. Catch the Catcher by May More
  3. Eve’s Delphine chapters
  4. Posy’s Delphine chapters
  5. Fiction by His Lordship
  6. Meant to Be by MrsK
  7. Mandy gets fixed by Liz Blackx
  8. Hanging On – Smut Marathon 2019 Story #10 by Carolyna Luna – and other Smut Marathon stories
  9. The St. Petersburg series by Francesca Demont
  10. Several sex guides by KristanX
  11. Life of Elliott… Guest posts by Howie

11 Twitter accounts

Just a couple of days ago, on the twentieth, I celebrated ten years on Twitter. Over the years I have followed a lot of accounts, and also unfollowed a lot, especially in 2020. In this post I am sharing work from others, website of others. Most of those are on Twitter too, and you can find their Twitter handles on their website. In this section I want to highlight others who are dear to me too in one or other way:

  1. Master T – I can’t do a post like this without mentioning the love of my life, right?
  2. SwirlingFire – Swirly has frequently been a voice of reason, and helped me see things in a different way, and she’s been a huge support in difficult times.
  3. Alice King – Alice and I have been following each other for years, but it’s only in the past year that we really grew closer, and I consider her a dear friend.
  4. Lord Raven – I cannot mention Alice without mentioning her hubby, Lord Raven. He’s a kind soul, a special friend, and the writer of some dark erotica! I can’t wait for him to put pen to paper again.
  5. PenHitsPaper – I got to know David through the Smut Marathon and I am glad I did. If we ever travel to the UK again, he’s at the top of the list of people I want to meet.
  6. Kilted Wookie – I have always had a special spot for Wookie, and where we don’t talk daily or even weekly, I always feel some kind of bond with him.
  7. Stella Kiink – Stella and I have also been following each other for ages, and I have always considered her a friend, along with two other Canadians. I am so happy to see her blogging again!
  8. F Dot Leonora – From the very first time I met this woman, I just loved her. She’s such a beautiful, bubbly person, and a damn good writer too!
  9. Liza Daen – Liza and I met when I ran the Dutch writing group, and after I stopped, we remained friends. I can’t wait to get back to our chatty nights out again, of course with our loves at our sides. The four of us just always seem to have something to talk about.
  10. Caroline – Another Dutchy, but not a writer. We met a couple of years ago, and ever since made a point of going for lunch a couple of times a year, and our hubbies are allowed to join us too. It makes me happy to call Caroline a friend.
  11. Blogable – If you haven’t followed Blogable just yet, please do, especially if you have your own website or plan to start one. I am sure this is going to grow bigger and bigger, and look forward to it!

On a personal note

Last but not least, it’s time to look at some personal things – confessions, thoughts, special wishes. Just a bunch of random things.

11 personal things

  1. Having come to a place where I accept myself as I am, is really liberating.
  2. I want to have more sex, but sometimes I just don’t want to make the effort.
  3. I neglected my house the past couple of years, due to mental health.
  4. My cousin and I have been talking about sex, and our mutual attraction for each other when we were younger.
  5. With working from home I came to the conclusion that I don’t like 80% of my direct colleagues.
  6. Also because of working from home, I realized I prefer to work alone.
  7. I discovered I have side boobs! (I must write about this.)
  8. I have stopped crocheting for now, as I was too fanatic and now have infections in both my thumbs!
  9. I love being at home, and currently the only one time I go out per week is when I do our grocery shopping on a Wednesday.
  10. I am totally in love with my new coffee machine!
  11. My nightly routine in winter is to go to bed dressed in pajama pants with a longsleeve top, socks and I have an extra blanket (the one I crocheted) over me. In the morning I wake up naked, and only the duvet over me.

11 things I wish for this year

  1. Working from home – make it something permanent
  2. Sharing more knowledge – blogable
  3. To go out for drinks/dinner again
  4. To have a couple of photography trips with my daughter again. I miss it!
  5. Getting back to some self-photography sessions – second room
  6. To get my lazy ass off the chair and start walking again
  7. Sauna days!
  8. Family visits – BBQ’s with cousins
  9. More rope ties
  10. Inspiration to write erotica again
  11. That our D/s return, even if it looks different

11 life words

  1. Love
  2. Respect
  3. Kindness
  4. Loyalty
  5. Confidence – to speak out, be true to myself
  6. Boundaries – guarding my own
  7. Self-care – my word for 2021
  8. Family
  9. Home
  10. Sharing
  11. Live!

Last, but not least

Thank you all for reading this post, but even more so for reading my blog. And a very special thank you to those who have stuck with my blog for eleven years. Without you, my readers, this blog will be nothing, so thank you!

On to the next eleven years!

© Rebel’s Notes
Image from Pixabay

20 thoughts on “Eleven years and eleven of eleven things

  1. Happy 11th year anniversary!! I’m so glad you’re still going strong. May you continue to enjoy blogging and sharing with all of us. A great post!

    1. Thank you, Michael. I am nowhere close to stopping, and really hope I can do this for years to come 🙂

  2. Wow what a milestone Marie, & a fitting post to celebrate it! Such achievements, highlights and favourites. Over the span of years you’ve forged great friendships, exciting, fun and necessary topics have been explored. You are a dynamo of a sex positive person.

    I am very flattered you enjoy my Delphine posts and delighted that Eve and I got a mention.

    This post instantly made me think of This is Spinal Tap where the guy’s special amplifier has a dial which goes up to 11 instead of 10 – and that is you all over! You give everything that extra push of effort, a pinch more sparkle and turn up the heat one more notch.

    Happy bloggiversary Marie Rebel – you’re 11/10 in my eyes xoxo

    1. Posy, such a lovely comment, that last bit totally made me blush. Thank you so much for your support over the years, and for continuing to being a friend! And of course for writing such sexy stories as Delphine! xox

  3. Huge congratulations Marie !!!
    Yours was one of the very first blogs I discovered and subscribed to … and the inspiration for me to start my own.
    I’m always in awe of your dedication to your pages here … and the honesty and sincerity of your words.
    And … of course … your lovely photos.
    May you continue for many years more !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Aww thank you for your lovely comment, K. I just write from deep within, pouring my thoughts out into the world, and of course love to share my images too 😉 xox

  4. Oh Marie what an amazing post and I love how you continued the theme of 11 all the way through. I am so happy you included Catch the Catcher – Thank you for your time and friendship and for being a shining light in the blogging world
    May xx

    1. I think Catch the Catcher will always have a special place in my heart, because of my personal experiences in the past years. It came at a time I really needed it so much. Thank you for your lovely comment, and thank you for being my friend! xox

  5. What a gorgeous post and huge congratulations on reaching eleven years. What an achievement and I don’t think there are many who do so without breaks. You are an inspiration and mean so much to the community create around you. Thank you for making me part of that and for the friendship and support you have given me along the way. Here’s to 11 more and everything they bring with them. Missy x

    1. Oh Missy, your comment brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for your lovely words, and as you know, I never see myself as the center of anything. I just love following and supporting people, and have made lovely friends like you along the way, something I really treasure. Thank you for being my friend! xox

  6. Thank you Marie, you are such a kind community minded character and inspirational to so many people. Looking forward to many more years ☺️

    1. Thank you for your very kind comment, PS. I am not planning to go anywhere, so you’re stuck with me 😉

  7. I love this so much! So many great things to celebrate and be thankful for.
    I’m very flattered to be included in your lists and am tickled you like my work 🙂
    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you over my last year (only 10 more to go to catch up lol).
    Cheers to 11 years and many many more!

    1. And I will be reading you for the next ten years too! I look forward to celebrate your 11th blogiversary with you 😉 xox

  8. Wishing you the happiest of blogging birthdays!

    This post is wonderful, I’m going to enjoy reading all of your shared links. I’m particularly excited about 2012’s favourite image. Couldn’t tell you why though 😉

    Heres to the next 11 wonderful years of blogging!

    1. That 2012 image is one of my all time favorites… I really love it. Thank you for your lovely message, N! xox

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