I choose my ass!

At a certain age, you have to choose between your face and your ass.โ€

~ Catherine Deneuve
A color image of my ass, covered in dark red lace.

I was looking for a ‘clever’ quote to go with this image, when I came across the one I posted above. It made me smile, as my first response was: I choose my ass!

Then I had this inner dialogue with myself… don’t you like your face? Is that why you choose your ass?

I definitely have nothing against my face. I will never describe myself as beautiful, but also not as ugly. I’m just average, and think I am okay to look at. The reason I instantly chose my ass over my face, is simply because I really love my ass. And maybe also because I love to show off my ass.

I look at images like this one, and always have to think of how round my bottom is. It’s been like this always, but with my overweight, it’s even rounder. Do I mind? Most definitely not. That round piece of flesh has sort of become my ‘trademark’. I love seeing it in pictures, love when it’s touched, and love it even more when it’s spanked.

Which reminds me, it’s about time it should get spanked again!

A black and white image of my ass, covered in lace.

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22 thoughts on “I choose my ass!

  1. And your ass should also be kissed and licked to relax you. I would definitely volunteer for that service.

  2. lol – I love that quote!
    My Ben loves behinds Marie – I tease him about it all the time. I ask which he noticed first my butt or my smile. He hates me asking that!
    I find it hilarious because every other man has noticed my boobs first.

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