Get the tinsel out!

It’s December… the month of Christmas trees, snow, balls and tinsel… and a month of celebrations, even in these strange times.

Every week on Tuesdays evenings at 9pm my time, I hop over to The SafeworD/s Club (SWC), where I chat with like-minded people about kinky stuff. You don’t have to be experienced or even in a D/s relationship to join the chat, so please come join us there!

That said, the SWC has launched their Kinky Community Advent Calendar and I have decided to take part in it. I might skip a day or two, but this is a brilliant way of showcasing old images again, and maybe take some new ones!

Christmas decorations

For quite some years, every first week of December, we walked up and down the two flights of stairs for – what felt like – a million times, to bring down the Christmas tree, the decorations, and several mini houses and figurines to build our Christmas town. I don’t know for how many years we did this, but one year I was just not in the mood.

From their on our decorations are quite sparse, but enough to make it look like Christmas here. We have two garlands with lights, a mini bamboo-braided tree, and a bowl with mini baubles, pine cones, tinsel and lights. That’s more than enough for us, and it perfectly fits the way we want to celebrate Christmas – quiet and simple.

The first prompt is about tinsel

There is a prompt for every day, and the first one reads like this

Get the Tinsel Out – Find a creative way to show your Dominant or your submissive side by celebrating with tinsel.

Now like I said, I am re-sharing older images, so this is not an image specifically to celebrate my submissive side, but one that Master T took, so surely that counts, right?

An image of my legs, and one leg has red tinsel wrapped around it.
Red tinsel wrapped around a fishnet-ted leg

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 The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar

17 thoughts on “Get the tinsel out!

  1. Lovely . . . and very clever Marie !!!
    I’m arriving too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, so instead will wish you a tinselly . . . and tingling New Year!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. The edit on this is SO clever! I can’t stop looking at it. I love the different patterns and textures in the image and how the red color pops against your sexy legs.

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