Thundering glass dildo

Glass of Christmas Cheer – Today is about fun and pleasure so your task is to use a glass dildo or decorative toy on yourself or someone else.

We have reached day 16 of The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar and I am still thoroughly enjoying the tasks, as well as taking pictures to go with the different prompts.

Today is about a Glass of Christmas Cheer. I could’ve opted to do something creative with a glass of wine, like dress up in sexy clothes and stockings, high heels and my collar, and then sit and enjoy a glass of wine. And of course, take a photo and share it with you all. I might even still do that, but the task mentioned a glass dildo, which I decided to use on myself, in bed in a dark room, listening to the wind blowing through the trees just outside the window.

A fantasy came to mind…

I love the sound of a storm raging outside, while being in bed and listening to the forces of nature… the rain hammering against the windows, the wind raging through the trees and the loud rumbling thunder rolling through the sky after each flash of light.

As stormy as it is outside, just as calm I feel inside, warm in my bed, my hand between my legs, softly touching myself. And of course, reaching for a toy to help me reach the same crescendo the storm outside does, and preferably voicing my own orgasm during a loud flash of thunder.

An image of me in the background, a tiny Christmas in front of me, as well as a glass dildo.

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    1. Thank you, Elliott… this piece of glass definitely brings me cheer, and not only with Christmas 😉

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