Stockings… from forbidden to everyday dress

There was a time when stockings was more or less forbidden, or rather, they were in the life I had. Up to about fifteen years ago, I never owned any stockings, let alone wanting to wear them. So much have changed in the meantime.

A brief history of stockings and me

It must have been about fifteen years ago that I ordered my first pair of stockings. They were not meant to wear outside, but only for pictures and only for Master T. In my mind, and after so many years of thinking they are not ‘appropriate’, I still felt ashamed to wear them. You see, the fact that they were ‘forbidden’ had much to do with the conservative way I grew up, and the fact that I saw them as items worn only by ladies of pleasure.

When we started going on dates with other couples, on occasion I chose to wear stockings, sometimes with a garter belt, sometimes holdups. This helped me to gradually get used to the idea of wearing them outside the house, and not only for photos. However, this didn’t mean that I started wearing them more frequently. No, I only wore them on some dates, not even all of them.

Recently I had a conversation with my beautician, and she confessed that she only wears holdups, because she doesn’t like the feel of tights straining around her groin. She’s the age of my youngest daughter, but her talking so openly about it, made me realize that I should totally let go of my idea that stockings are ‘forbidden’. I mean, nowadays you can buy them in almost every store that sells hosiery, so why in the world should I not wear them?

Still, whenever I do, I feel incredibly self-conscious and am constantly aware of the fact that I am wearing stockings, even if I only wear them at home.

Holdups, tights and more

I very frequently wear tights, almost every day for 9 months of the year. The one thing that irritates me the most about them, is how sometimes during the day, they start to pull and hurt in my groin. They feel like they are twisted and no matter how much I try to turn them to be more comfortable, it doesn’t help.

Since the remarks of my beautician, I have no worn holdups a couple of times, not only at home, but also to the shopping center. This means no more discomfort in my groin, but there are other ‘problems’. Sometimes the silicone bands just don’t stay in place. I don’t know whether I should or shouldn’t use body lotion before I put on stockings. My skin, because of menopause, is quite dry, and my thinking is to use body lotion to make the silicone stick better. However, I have tried it with and without body lotion, and still sometimes I feel one of the stockings starting to move, and this just makes me feel more self-conscious.

This has made my thoughts travel back to using a garter belt with my stockings, but I remember how many times one of the straps slipped off the top of the stockings. I also remember how I used to fumble to get those clips attached to the tops of the stockings. Where I love the idea of garter belts, after struggling so much I didn’t feel sexy at all!

Recently I learned about thigh garters, and those have suspender clips on them, which are much easier to attach to the tops of stockings. I ordered a pair, and still have to try them on, so the jury is still out on those.

What I would love is to feel comfortable with wearing stockings, whether they are holdups or stockings where I have to wear a garter belt. Somehow I think the more I wear them, the easier it will get to attach the clips (if I choose for a garter belt and stockings) or the more comfortable I will feel with holdups. And of course, there will always be occasions where I will still wear tights, especially when my dress or skirt is just a bit too short!

The sexy side of stockings

Where I do feel self-conscious when I wear stockings, it also makes me feel sexy. Maybe it’s because of the once ‘forbidden’ nature of the stockings. I am not the only one who finds it sexy. I have but to whisper in Master T’s ear that I’m wearing stockings, and I instantly have his attention.

There just is something sexy about stockings, the feeling of the sheer fabric against my legs, the hug of the lace tops around my thighs. They are so much nicer to wear than tights. I am much more inclined to wear them when I am already in a sexy mood, than when I am down. When my mood is low, I don’t even think of stockings, and frequently grab pants to wear, instead of a dress.

On those days I do choose for stockings, and I do whisper in Master T’s ear, it’s guaranteed that our day will end with sex. What if I wear them every day? Will this still be the case, or will they then lose their sexiness and become just a regular item of clothing? Maybe it’s better if they are still more or less labeled ‘forbidden’…

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  1. You might find this interesting. This happened 30 years and I was shopping with my future husband. (we had been dating about 2 months).

    The last weekend in January, he took me shopping for new clothes. Fredrick’s of Hollywood was one of the  places he took me. He bought me an entire outfit: red dress with matching pumps, matching bra  and crotch-less panties, a slip, garter belt, and stockings. (I had never worn crotch-less
    panties and garter belt and stockings.) He asked the lady for what he wanted me to wear. I never had a man shop with me for bras, panties, etc. It was fun.At one point, he said to the saleslady he “…wanted to see the stocking  and garter belt.”  And I said, “O no,  honey I wear pantyhose,  no one wears stocking and  a garter belt”Without any hesitation,  he said,  “If you want to continue to date me,  you will start wearing them! And said to the saleslady can we see what you have.”.”sure,  follow me”  she said– gave us an odd smile. She must have showed him 10 of each.   And picked out what he liked,  And said to her, “can you tell how to wear these?”
    She said,  “you put on the stocking and garter belt, connecting the garters and then you put your panties on,  ore to go to the bathroom you will have to disconnect your garters to get your panties down”

    1. It’s just that with the garter belts, mine always seem not to hold on the stockings. I wish I can get that solved, as holdups sometimes start slipping. I love stockings, but I love it more to feel comfortable with what I wear and not be afraid that I will embarrass myself…

      1. Embarrassing yes for men to see we are wearing stocking. But they think its hot?
        Sort of like a nice tease don’t you think. Which is worse- men looking up our skirts and seeing our panties or seeing we are wearing stocking? Your opinion?

        Embarrassing but a tease too. i was always embarrassed if mine were showing– but men love it.
        What worse for a man to see up your skirt? — a crotch flash – accidentally or stocking showing?

        1. Oh I don’t mind men looking up my skirt and seeing stockings, or my crotch whether covered in panties or not. What I meant by embarrass myself is when the stockings start slipping… now that will be embarrassing. And because I’m afraid this might happen, I tend to choose for tights rather than stockings.

  2. Lovely legs encased in nylon and silk. Stockings create the spaces in between. The flash of skin so delicious to see by accident, the voyeur in me dreams of those treats. There is just something about stockings that set my imagination off.

    I especially love the lacy pair with the floral pattern and your ankles crossed….

    1. I have a feeling stockings ignite many people’s fantasies. Thank you for your comment, David 🙂

  3. What a brilliant picture with the petals. I love it and what a collection of gorgeous stocking images. I share a lot of your thoughts over the stocking/hold-up/tights issues. I have always felt that stockings and hold-ups were more sexy than taboo but I do struggle with the practical issues of all three and neither seems to be totally right for me. Missy x

    1. I have a feeling if I just start wearing stockings by default, and only sometimes wear tights, stockings might feel more comfortable, as I grow used to them. I just need to DO it! Thanks for your comment, Missy 🙂 xox

  4. I’ve always liked stockings Marie … and so glad you like them now too … because you certainly have a wonderful collection !!!
    LOVE all your photos here !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Wonderful post Marie. I understand that feeling of stockings being slightly taboo, but I have always loved them. My mum wore them all the time. she never wore tights. She said stockings were more hygienic and I can see why that may be too, There is no doubt they are sexy. Men love stockings. And I love men wearing stockings lol

    Fab images – that last one is special – just beautiful
    May xx

    1. I indeed think your mom was right about the hygiene of stockings. And like you, I love men wearing stockings too. There’s just something SO sexy about it. Thank you for your comment, May, as always 🙂 xox

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