Reindeer, harness them!

An image showing a Christmas scene with lights, trees and reindeer.
A Christmas scene

I have thought of buying a headband with reindeer antlers, tie a chest harness and then incorporate those antlers in the harness, but then I came across these fun images Master T had taken back in 2015.

Day 3 of the kink advent

On this third day of December, the prompt for the SWC Kinky Advent Calendar is:

Harness those Reindeer– Create yourself a bit gag and get ready for some fun.

Of course I could have made the rope gag all over again and use those with the reindeer antlers, had I bought the latter. But I do remember the fun we had when these photos were taken.

A Christmas scene with reindeer

Back then, all I had to do was to lie back, spread my legs and relax, while Master T built the Christmas scene using lights, tiny Christmas trees and figurines. I had no idea what it looked like until I saw the images afterwards. This was not the first time he had done this, but I will leave the other photos for later this month.

Of course these images featured on my blog during the 2015 Christmas, as I shared them for the first, second and third Christmas days. These reindeer hadn’t been used since this photo shoot, and they might just come out of hiding during this month, when I create some new Christmas images!

A close-up of the reindeer between my legs.
Happy reindeer!

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    1. Awww, thank you, K! I always like when I help to make part of your day special 🙂 xox

    1. I’m surely planning to do so. I have some Christmas images in mind… now only to find the time to take them!

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