Presenting as present

Present Yourself – Either in photo or to someone else, today is about being a present so wrap yourself up or decorate yourself in a bow. Present yourself in a way you think they will like and away you go.

The above is the prompt for day 10 of The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar.

I ran between shops yesterday to find something to execute the idea I had, and finally found these little red bows. Then my day turned busy, and I had a window of only an hour to take pics for today’s post, and that of tomorrow.

Me as a present?

I don’t tend to think of myself as special enough to be a giftto anyone, but I have come to accept myself for who I am and what I look like. I tend to push away any negative thoughts and prefer to see the positive side. That helps me to stay positive too, especially in difficult times. So where I don’t think of myself as a gift, I do hope I am special enough to some people. I know I am to Master T, whether I am fully clothed, or presenting myself as a present.

A thought just crossed my mind: thinking back on those play dates we had prior to Master T’s health deteriorating, I now fantasize about him gifting me to another. Of course it will be a gift to himself too, as he loves to watch when someone else ‘uses’ me for their own pleasure.

The thought of it excites me… but for now, here I am, presenting myself as a gift.

An image with Christmas bows hanging from my nipple piercings as I present myself as a gift.

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 The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar

12 thoughts on “Presenting as present

  1. I enjoyed your presence, so I think you could consider your presence as a present 🙂

  2. Indeed? I think Santa’s cheeks will be super rosy when I whisper what I want for Christmas in his ear this year!

    1. Okay, and now of course you have me all curious to know what you want for Christmas 😉

  3. Lovely bows Marie, lucky you have piercings to keep them in place, and your afterthought put a smile on my face too 😄

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