Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree – A photo of your tree with maybe a naughty you too!

The above is the prompt for day 23 of The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar – can you believe it’s day 23 already?!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches!

Your boughs so green in summertime,
Stay bravely green in wintertime.
O tannenbaum, O Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches!

For many years, on the day after Sinterklaas, we made several trips up to the attic, to bring down all the Christmas stuff. And when I say ‘several trips’, I really mean it. We had the tree, the decorations, and an entire village for the 2.2 meter wide sideboard. It took us hours, literally hours to put everything up. Three weeks later, mostly on New Year’s day or the day after, we made the trips again, this time to take everything back to the attic.

Then one year, we just stopped. We were done with it. Done with the village (which cost us hundreds of Euros!), done with the tree, done with the decorations. For one year we had nothing. Absolutely no decorations at all. The next year, I wanted some, but I didn’t want a tree. I bought two garlands, one for the sideboard, one for the TV cabinet, and put tinsel, acorns, baubles and battery-operated lights on a platter, and that was it.

This year, I told Master T I wanted a tree. I had already been looking online for a fully decorated tree, one I could just put back in the box and pull out again the next year. But, Master T is definitely not ready for a tree yet.

Then I remembered!

Some years ago we bought a small tree to use with some of the sexy Christmas photos Master T took. However, we never used the tree, and it was in my photo studio, just begging to be used. I bought a string of battery-operated lights, put them in the tree and… voila! A tree! Master T couldn’t help but smile when he see how I had solved my sudden desire to have a tree for Christmas.

And of course, it was quite easy to take the tree to the photo studio with me, to use for today’s and other pictures I shared for advent 2020. Who knows, maybe next year I will get that decorated tree, and if not, this tiny one will once more be part of the decorations we put up.

A naughty image of me, pictured with our tiny Christmas tree.
A slip of the nip to go with the tiny Christmas tree

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  1. Fantastic and I love your cheeky nipple just peeping into the shot. I am glad you solved your tree situation and I love this mini version. A lovely post. Missy xx

        1. I think it means you have subscribed to comments on the specific posts, then you get all the comments left on the post.

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