No Consent: Helena (5)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Helena (5)
August 1994

Continued from… Helena (4)

17 August
“Well done,” the nurse said when Annie stepped off the scale, which showed that Annie had lost two kilograms.
“Could you please look at these stretch marks on my stomach? Will these also disappear with the diet?” Annie asked after the nurse gave her an injection.
“No, those will not disappear. The skin is stretched and it won’t return to its original form. Are these from a pregnancies?”
“Yes indeed. But what can I do about it?”
“You can leave it like that, or you can consult a plastic surgeon.”

From the doctor’s office, Annie went straight home. She sat down with Fred in the living room, both fo them having a cup of coffee.
“You know,” Fred said after a lengthy silence, “I am quite in love with you.”
Annie looked at him in surprise.
“Yes,” he continued, “you do play your dirty tricks sometimes, but still, I love you.”
With these words, he stood up, awkwardly smiled at Annie and walked outside. She stayed behind with mixed feelings.

Did this strange love triangle have a future after all?

26 August
“That’s a wonderful idea, Fran. Yes, I think that we should do that tonight. It’s time for some sexual refreshment,” Annie agreed to the proposal Fran had phoned her about.

Secretly, Annie and Fran made their preparations. After their bath, Fred followed as usual. They locked him in the bathroom and told him they were preparing a surprise and would soon let him out. He could hear them rummaging about, but had no idea what they were planning.

Fred was surprised when he saw the bedroom after Fran had unlocked the door. Candles burnt everywhere and he smelled incense. Between the foot of the bed and the closets was an improvised massage table. Fran led Fred to the table and asked him to lie down. The two women simultaneously massages his back and then his legs. Fred quickly had enough. This was nothing for him. He got off the table and lay down on the bed.

“The two of you can massage each other,” he suggested.
“Come on, Fran,” Annie decided to take the lead, as she was confident she could handle this, and she wanted to stay in Fred’s favor, “you lie down.”

Fran enjoyed the elaborate massage and wanted to return the favor, which Annie gladly accepted. Fran copied the massage Annie had given her, first massaging her shoulders, then her back and the back of her legs. She told Annie to turn over and rubbed lotion on her front, massaging her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. Before Fran could move down to her legs, Fred climbed on the table, but it being too uncomfortable he climbed off again.

“Move you ass to the edge of the table,” he ordered, while pulling her legs. Fran kneeled over Annie’s face, so Annie could lick her pussy, and bent forward, watching her husband’s cock move in and out of the pussy that she was licking.

28 August
Annie and Fran were busy with the administration of the club. Annie read the letters of the other clever women, which is how she called the woman who didn’t get themselves trapped in this hoax. Of course the couple didn’t know how she referred to the woman, as it was only in her head she used the term. One of those clever women was Kim, who hadn’t allowed Fred to manipulate her into playing along with his games.

Lisa was another of the clever women, a teacher at one of the primary schools in the city. Lisa had sent them a couple of letters, but never agreed to an appointment, no matter how many times Fred invited her.

Lisa’s letters were full of fantasies, although she brought it as fact in the most explicit language. The central theme of her letters was the affair she had with a female professor while Lisa was a student. Lisa said the professor had never known that Lisa was the one she had an affair with. According to Lisa’s narration, she always visited the professor at night. Lisa compared herself to a ninja, since she was always dressed in black, and wore a mask which didn’t cover her eyes or mouth. She used to sneak into the professor’s house through a window. Apparently the professor was mostly asleep when Lisa sneaked in and when she woke up, she was being sexually stimulated. They never spoke to each other during these encounters. When Lisa had just started to visit the professor at night, she had to cover the professor’s mouth, Lisa wrote. Later this was not necessary anymore, as it seemed that the professor thoroughly enjoyed what her nighttime visitor did to her.

The affair between Lisa and the professor ended when the professor got married and moved away. Even though her stories were a bit far-fetched, Annie and Fran enjoyed reading her letters.

Julie was another one of Annie’s clever woman.

Julie worked at a prison, and on receiving her letter Fred called her to make an appointment. As is Fred’s way of doing, he turned on his charm during the phone call. Julie accepted the invitiation to come to the smallholding, but she never showed up. Fred ordered first Fran, then Annie to call Julie, but neither of them succeeded getting Julie on the phone. A colleague always said she wasn’t available. Eventually Fred gave up, and Annie always had the feeling Julie saw right through Fred when he had told her more about the club.

To be continued… Helena (6)

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