No Consent: Helena (3)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Helena (3)
August 1994

Continued from… Helena (2)

Fred was watching a rugby match on television when the three women walked into the living room. Helena was in front of both Annie and Fran.
“Fred, this is Helena. Helena, this is my husband,” Fran yet again took care of the introductions, and then her attention directly to Helena. “What do you want to drink?”
“I’m just going to put away my things,” Annie said and walked to her room. She needed a moment alone. She just sat on the side of the bed, and only went back to the living room when she felt she couldn’t stay away any longer. In the lounge, Helena now sat on the couch next to Fred, and Fran across from them on the other couch. Annie sat down next to Fran.

During half time, Annie and Fran went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks. This gave Fred and Helena the chance to chat with each other.
“Annie,” Fred said when the match started again, “have a snack.”
Her answer was blunt.
Annie ignored their Greek guest. However, she noticed that Fred and Helena were enthralled with each other. Fred’s charm oozed again, almost blinding Annie, even though it was not directed at her.

After dinner, the four of them returned to the living room. This deviation from their normal routine was an idea of Fran — a good one; it became obvious later.

Since they had arrived on the smallholding that afternoon, Helena kept on trying to make eye contact with Annie. She didn’t succeed, since Annie consciously avoided Helena. Fred tried his best to keep a watchful eye on Annie, but it was difficult, because he could hardly tear his eyes away from their sexy guest. Her dark beauty fascinated him, which made him pay less attention to Annie.

In the living room, Fred put on some Spanish music. Suddenly Helena jumped up, surprising everyone when she started to dance. The music seemed to radiate through her sexy, swinging body. With both hands, she beckoned for Fran and Annie to join her. Fran immediately obeyed, and pulled Annie along. Annie danced half-heartedly. Helena and Fran danced with devotion. While they danced, Fran slowly zipped down Helena’s dress. By the time that the zipper was halfway down, the dress fell to the floor. Helena easily and shamelessly stepped out of it. She now wore only a black thong with two small, red bows in the front.

Fran turned to Annie and began to unbutton her blouse. Annie wanted to push her away, but Fran whispered urgently: “Join in. Unbutton my blouse.”
Glancing at Fred over Fran’s shoulder and seeing him glancing over at her, Annie reluctantly moved her hands to the buttons on Fran’s blouse. Helena danced over towards Fred. She challenged him, rhythmically swinging her body right in front of him. Her small, firm breasts enticed him, but just as Fred reached out to touch, Helena turned around and danced back over to Fran and Annie.

Naked, the three women moved to the music. Fran took the initiative by putting one hand on one of Helena’s breasts, and the other on one of Annie’s. Soon they moved to taking turns sucking each other’s nipples. Annie was relieved when Helena equally divided her attention between her and Fran. She hoped with all her heart that Fred noticed this too.

When Helena broke away from the two women, Fred’s accusations paled into insignificance. The guest undressed Fred, still seducing him with her moves as she danced in front of him. When Fred was only in his underpants, Helena pushed him against the back of the couch. She crouched over one of his legs, rubbing her pussy against his knee. Fred clearly didn’t know what to do. This was new to him, a woman showing her need so openly. He roughly pulled her closer. A long, lingering kiss followed.

Helena pulled away, leaving Fred on the couch with his erection. She lay down on the floor. Yet again, she beckoned both Annie and Fran to join her. Like the evening with Mandy, the two women sat down on either side of the woman on the floor. Annie kept her distance, not prepared to hear again she didn’t give Fran enough room. Still, she participated enough for Fred not to accuse her of not being part of the game. She didn’t want to give him even the slightest reason to rub her nose in anything.

To be continued… Helena (4)

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