No Consent: Helena (2)

This is the rework of a self-published auto-biographical story (2008), rewritten for this blog. Names of characters have been changed.
Content warning: mental and physical abuse, misogyny.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

Helena (2)
August 1994

Continued from… Helena (1)

13 August
Worried about Fred’s accusations, the next morning Annie voiced her concerns to Fran, when she was sure Fred was busy outside.
“Fran, I’m scared!”
Fran’s uninterested attitude infuriated Annie. Fran could never hide her satisfaction when Fred and Annie didn’t see eye to eye.

“I don’t want to pick Helena up. You know how Fred is once he has an idea in his head.”
“Yes, I know. However, I agree with Fred. You shouldn’t have talked to her alone in the bedroom. Just admit you made a mistake!”
Annie didn’t respond. She just got angrier. When she made the appointment with Helena the previous evening, Helena promised that she would call Annie when she returned home from her work. Then she could be picked up.
“I hope that she doesn’t call,” Annie said impulsively.

“Annie,” and now Fran did sound sincere, “to be perfectly honest, so do I. Unfortunately, things lately haven’t been going the way we want it. Fate will definitely see to it that Helena calls us, even if it’s only because we don’t want it to happen. Don’t worry about tonight. I will make sure everything goes okay. Do what you have to; the way Fred wants you to do it. Don’t be too enthusiastic, but also don’t be too reserved. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Annie knew Fran was the only person who could help her in this difficult situation. No matter how much this woman irritated her, she was the only one who knew Fred well enough. What irritated Annie even more was the feeling that somehow she was losing control over her own life. She had a fierce desire to be able to turn back the time.

Much to Annie’s regret, the phone rang halfway through the afternoon. It was an excited Helena calling to say that she was ready to come to the smallholding. On their way to Helena, Annie’s stomach ached with anxiety.
“Stay calm, my friend, stay calm. Everything will be okay,” Fran tried to soothe Annie repeatedly.
“I don’t know. I really don’t know,” Annie said in return. Deep down she had the feeling the evening ahead was not going to be an easy one for her.

Fran and Annie both entered the building where Helena’s flat lived. They had no idea at all what the Greek woman looked like and both were pleasantly surprised when a woman with short, black hair and delicate facial features opened the door.
“Hi, I’m Helena. Come in,” she said as she took a step backwards.
“I’m Fran and this is Annie,” Fran introduced them. Annie was quiet.

Helena closely observed Annie — from top to toe. Annie looked down, feeling shy. At the same time, she felt even more scared than earlier. She wished that the brown-eyed woman wouldn’t show such a keen interest in her.
“I’ll grab my bag, then we can go.”
Helena disappeared in the hallway. She walked in a unique manner, her hips tilted forward, which gave her slim body a beautiful posture in the tight-fitting beige leather dress. Her high-heeled boots clicked on the tile floor. All in all the friendly woman made a sexy picture.

Driving back to the smallholding, Fran did all the talking.
“Helena, Annie more or less told you how we do it when a third woman joins us. But you know, I know my husband better,” she said with a smile, while she reassuringly put her hand on Annie’s leg. Within seconds, Annie would understand what Fran had in mind.

“Fred loves it when a woman tries to seduce him,” Fran continued. “However, when Annie or I do it, it’s not interesting anymore. Why don’t you seduce him tonight? It will be a wonderful surprise for him! Just don’t let him know I asked you to do it. Of course, in between you can give Annie and me some attention too, but not too much,” Fran explained with a sweet smile.

Annie had an unprecedented feeling of gratitude for Fran’s attempt to take away Fred’s suspicion towards Annie. She was not sure if it would work though. On the phone, Helena sounded like an extrovert, but in the car on their way to the smallholding, she was quiet and withdrawn.

To be continued… Helena (3)

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