Melting Moments… wax play from the past

Melting Moments – Today is all about wax play. Create a festive design or just have fun.

It’s been more than three years since we last engaged in wax play, and that was when we tested some stunning UV candles. Those just looked so good in the dark, or rather in black light.

Maybe now that it’s only the two of us left here in the house, we can engage in more kinky play again. I do hope that these candles come out to play along too! There is just something about feeling drop after drop of the hot wax dripping on my body that I really want to experience again.

An image showing some melting moments when we used UV wax play candles.
My bottom, festively illuminated

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6 thoughts on “Melting Moments… wax play from the past

  1. I love the beauty of wax too. I can’t recall the last time I’ve had the pleasure. Must mean it’s time to experience it again. 🙂

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