Love, submission and our commitment

Back in 2011, shortly after we had made our commitment to be in a D/s relationship, and I got my ownership tattoo, I shared these words:

The tattoo is more than just a tattoo. This is what the three divisions in the symbol mean to me: It is symbol of my LOVE for and SUBMISSION to my Husband and the COMMITMENT to our relationship.

The one thing my eyes were continuously drawn to in the image I am sharing today, is my tattoo, and it just gave me a warm feeling seeing it. Sometimes I forget that I have it, but when I notice it – I mean, really notice it – I am reminded of it’s significance.

I look back on almost nineteen years of love, fifteen years of marriage and almost ten years of D/s and I know our commitment to each other is stronger than it ever was. Our love is strong, my submission is as much a constant as his dominance is, but it’s our commitment that’s on my mind today. The way we complete each other, the way we are each other’s best friends and lovers, the way we understand each other without words, and yes, the way we are always there for each other.

There were times in my life where I had thought I might never have what I do today, and maybe even thought I am not capable of being as committed to someone as I am today. I am grateful that time has proven me wrong.

My tattoo to others might just be a tattoo, but to me it is a lot more than that. Years ago I said it’s symbol of my love and submission to my husband, and the commitment to our relationship, but only now, with more knowledge and experience than back then, I know how true those words really are.

An image showing my ownership tattoo, which also signifies our commitment to each other.

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  1. This is quite a sexy pose highlighting your nipple and the tat, I wasn’t sure where to concentrate first, you can probably guess, Marie.

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