LELO Sila – Sonic Clitoral Massager

An official image of the LELO Sila
LELO Sila (official image from the LELO website)

When I was asked whether I would be willing to test the LELO Sila, I wanted to know more about the toy before I agreed. My interest piqued, I agreed to do an honest review of the toy, as I wanted to know whether it would exceed my expectations.

Packaging & Contents & Shape ‘n Size & Material

I absolutely love the LELO packaging. Once I opened the discreet outer box, inside awaited a rectangular box in a soft, thin pouch. Inside was the box with the toy. The beautiful pink LELO Sila was visible through the plastic window in the box.

I opened the box to find the following items besides the toy inside:

  • USB Charging cable
  • A black satin storage pouch
  • A warranty registration card
  • Instruction manual

The toy itself is made of a beautiful velvety-soft body-safe silicone and shiny ABS, and shaped in a circle with a ‘mouth’. While it’s a round toy, the dimensions on the LELO website is stated to be 80x75x35 millimeters.

How does it work?

The LELO Sila is a clitoral massager that works with gentle sonic wave technology to ‘suck’ the clitoris. On the top of the toy there are three easy buttons. To turn the toy on, you simply hold down the (+) button for a few seconds. Obviously the (-) button is to decrease the intensity of the vibrations, and the middle () button will take you through the 8 vibration patterns. To turn the toy off, you hold down the middle () button. When you hold down the (+) and (-) buttons at the same time, you put the toy in lock mode, and when you repeat this, the toy is unlocked.

The opening of the toy — I like to call it the ‘mouth’ — is positioned over the clitoris. Because of the wider mouth, it stimulates a bigger area than only the clitoris, as the pulsations from SenSonic technology travel throughout the entire vulva.

The toy is USB rechargable, and once fully charged (it takes about two hours), you can play for 2 full hours before you have to charge it again.

My experience with & opinion of the product

As mentioned above, I was excited to test the LELO Sila and expected quite a lot of it. After having charged the toy for a couple of hours, I was ready to experience the toy. I craved a bit of self-pleasure and wanted to take it slow, experiencing all the vibrations and the building of an orgasm.

First I tested all the buttons, with the mouth pressed in the palm of my hand. I ran through all the vibrations, increased and decreased the intensity and then switched the toy off. I was ready to try it.

What I loved about the big mouth is that it easily covered both my clitoris and my clitoral hood piercing. I first put the toy in position and then pressed the (+) button to switch it on. My first reaction was: wow, that’s intense! I had to decrease the vibrations as it was a bit too much. Then I ran through the eight pleasure settings, and where I am never a fan of different patterns of vibrations, this time there were a couple which were really enjoyable.

A couple of times I needed to remove the toy from my clitoris, because of the quick build of my orgasm, and I didn’t want to rush anything. The toy ‘remembered’ the setting when I switched it off, including the intensity and vibration mode. Eventually I allowed the toy to ‘suck’ me at a lower setting, and gradually I increased the vibrations, building towards my orgasm.

The LELO Sila definitely is a perfect match for my favorite toy, and the added benefit of it is the wider mouth, and the beautiful soft silicone.

To sum up, pro’s and con’s of the toy are as follows:

  • storage bag
  • USB charging
  • easy operating
  • strong and pleasurable vibrations
  • wide mouth to cover clitoris, even when pierced
  • I got confused with the (+) and (-) buttons while in use
  • more expensive toy, so not available to everyone

Where to buy?

If you want to discover the wonder of slow sex with LELO Sila, make sure you buy it!

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  1. I’ve never had any success with suction toys. But I’ve only tried 3 different satisfyer (and an unbranded equivalent) so maybe i should branch out. The size of the mouth is certainly appealing, and maybe the Lelo Sila should be my next trial? N xx

    1. Do let me know if you get to use the Sila. It’s really a good toy. I’ve already used mine a couple of times more 🙂 xox

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