Foreplay and afterplay, how and when

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I think something I have always taken for granted is what we do before and after the deed. Foreplay is something that has always run its natural course, and when I sat down to think about it, I realized so has afterplay.

What is foreplay?
Foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between two or more people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity.[1] Although foreplay is typically understood as physical sexual activity, nonphysical activities, such as mental or verbal acts, may in some contexts be foreplay. Foreplay can mean different things to different people.
~ Wikipedia

What is afterplay?
It doesn’t always have to be more sex. Afterplay can come in the form of snuggling, taking a bath together, cuddling, kissing, or simply touching. Yes, more fondling and more intercourse is always an option but it doesn’t have to be.
~ HelloFlo

Our foreplay

Where I love routine, the one thing that is never routine with us, is anything sex-related. That would be just boring, doing it the same way every time.

Sometimes foreplay starts early in the day, and serves to have us both more than ready by the time we go to bed. The foreplay can be a cuddle here, a kiss there, something that we say to each other, the way Master T looks at me, or touches my breast simply because he can. There is never a set pattern, and where the one time he can get me very excited with one thing, the next time it might not have the same effect. It all depends on my own mood too, but almost all of the time during the course of a day, he will get my juices flowing. Literally. According to, there are definitely lots of ways to spark that initial mood. It depends on what activities you both enjoy doing. Some great ones to start with include cooking their favorite meals, watching a movie or even a bubble bath.

Foreplay is not always an all-day ‘event’. Sometimes it only starts in bed. This means there’s a lot of cuddling and touching and kissing and pinching, and things heat up quite quickly, to the point where foreplay stops and sex begins. Is there ever really a fixed line for this?

There are times that I need longer foreplay than other. Like I mentioned, much of it has to do with my mood. When I have a mental low, it might take more effort to get my mind in the game, and Master T has to ‘work harder’ to get me wet. But somehow, we always get there. Let’s just say: he has his tricks.

Our afterplay

Before this Wicked Wednesday prompt I have never really thought about afterplay, let alone how we do it. I came to the conclusion that there is always afterplay, and it happens simultaneously with aftercare, when we had a harder session. Those times when it was ‘just sex’ our there’s little aftercare, but always afterplay.

Afterplay for us can be very different from session to session. Sometimes it’s simply cuddling, sometimes Master T lazily plays with my nipple, and other times I am still in a giddy mood and the afterplay will be me making silly jokes, mostly about I am once more the one who has to sleep on a wet spot.

Ever since we are together, not one night had either of us just turned over and gone to sleep. Thinking of this, how it would be if Master T just went to sleep afterwards, I will experience that as a let down. Like a deflating balloon. No, I need the afterplay; need to feel the connection, to come down together from the highs we’ve been on.

Staying connected

Master T and I are each other’s best friends, and we can communicate without words. We are that annoying couple who say the same thing at the same time, or can finish each other’s sentences (not that we do). We are always connected, whether we are each at our computers working, or whether we are having a drink somewhere or whether we are together in bed.

Foreplay is important to build on that connection and reach intense heights together, and afterplay helps us to come down gently from those highs we have experienced, and level to the connection we always have.

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11 thoughts on “Foreplay and afterplay, how and when

  1. Aaaaah Marie – I enjoyed every sentence from start to finish!
    You have a very satisfying and spontaneous relationship with the one who is ideal for you! Happiness <3

  2. Lovely post Marie … and totally agree that it is having a “connection” always makes all play … fore, during, and after … all the more special and fulfilling!!!
    Xxx – K

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