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Some years ago I had a burnout, and ever since Christmas has been difficult for me. I just couldn’t feel the ‘cheer’ I was supposed to feel. My grinch-y festive fantasy was to be left alone for the holiday season, until we could get back to work and to ‘normality’. It took me two years to put up Christmas decorations again, but very minimal. I think much of my feeling of wanting to get away was because everyone always came to us for Christmas, and it all became something that was expected of me, and I just never had time to empty my head.

Then mom passed away, and it was even worse that year. I didn’t want to celebrate Christmas here. So we went to our oldest, and she cooked a wonderful Christmas meal. The year after that, we decided to change our Christmas traditions, but with corona and all the restrictions this year, even those are changing.

Always a festive fantasy

Something that has been in my mind for years, and which I really hope we can do at least a couple of times during the Christmas period, is to get away for Christmas. I want to leave here on Christmas Eve, check into a hotel, preferably on the other side of the country, or maybe even in Germany in a snowy area, and stay there for a couple of days. Maybe even until New Year’s.

There is just something about hotels; something about being away from home. You can let go. Just be. Enjoy a drink when you want to, eat good food. Fuck whenever you want to. Walk around naked.

Now, since all our kids have flown out, I can also do these things at home, but I think being in a hotel will still grant me more freedom. There’s no laundry that calls me to be done. No dust that needs to be vacuumed. No groceries that I have to go buy, or food I have to cook. Everything, even the mood and the problems of the world, seem to be different when you are away from home.

Our first hotel stay

Our very first hotel stay was on my birthday in 2012. Or rather, the night before, as I woke up in the hotel on my birthday, after a day of so many orgasms, and being on a high all the time. We had many hotel stays after that, but that first one definitely had the most orgasms!

An image to go with my festive fantasy, showing me on a hotel bed, naked and Master T fully clothed, both in the reflection of a mirror.
My festive fantasy: to be in a hotel with the holidays. This is an image from 2012, on the night of our very first hotel stay, and one of the few photos where both of us are in it.

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11 thoughts on “Festive Fantasy: away from home

  1. I hope you do have a good Christmas! There is no travel over here, but perhaps you will be lucky. The thought of having the freedom to be naked and having sex as often as we like along with no responsibilities is intoxicating for me. Stay safe!

    1. Oh we will not be traveling this year either, as we went into strict lock-down as of today. But as soon as we can, I want to go to a hotel again 😉
      Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Totally agree … “there is just something about hotels” … for exactly the same reasons you enjoy !!!
    And so lovely to read of your 2012 birthday hotel adventure … and all those lovely orgasms.
    LOVE this Marie !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Oh that does sound like bliss and I know what you mean about the freedom of a hotel stay. I think this year the situation is making us crave that even more because things have been so restricted. Here’s hoping your dream comes true soon. missy

    1. You are so right, Missy. This year definitely seems to have intensified some of those cravings. Maybe next year, who knows xox

    1. Oh yes, I am sure that’s true. We all need to escape from the life around us, especially as it is now…

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