Edge to Orgasm

Edge to Orgasm – Edge yourself or your partner 5 times and then let go and enjoy.

The above is the task for day 5 of the The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar. I was a bit indecisive on how to approach this, and then, while in a store, I saw a round mirror with some silver sprinkles on it, or rather in it. An idea began to form, and crystallized when I took another stroll through the store, and came back to the mirror.

To edge me is his new kink

Some months ago the tide turned for us, and we started having regular sex again, and are also slowly getting back to our D/s. One thing that is different from what it was before, is Master T having this new thing of edging me to orgasm.

I was surprised the first time it happened, but it soon turned into frustration and begging as I so desperately wanted an orgasm.

Each time he stimulated me to the point where I was about to ask for permission to climax, and then he would just stop. Not stopping like keeping his hand still, but pulling his hand back, breaking contact with my body. Over and over he did this, and by the time he gave me permission to climax, it was wet and I almost came undone.

And then he repeated it, and many times he would also slap my cunt, heightening my pleasure and my desire to have an orgasm.

I mentioned it to him

This morning, while I was taking some images for this post, I mentioned the day 5 task to Master T, the edging and the five times. He got a certain glint in his eyes — a glint I have seen there before. I have a feeling that edging might be his focus once we get to bed tonight, only to make sure I execute the advent task perfectly.

For now, I give you a bit of edging I have done myself, during an impromptu photo shoot this morning.

An image showing my hand between my legs in a mirror, to go with the fifth advent calendar prompt: Edge to Orgasm.

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