Decorate yourself for Christmas

Decorate Yourself (or someone else) – This one is open to interpretation but we are challenging you to decorate yourself in any way you want – can be with plugs, clamps, or something else.

When I read the prompt, I decided to go for something else to decorate myself. I have always wanted to use a strong of Christmas lights to wrap around my body, and then take images in the low light, so the lights are clearly visible. However, I didn’t get to do that, as the windows for taking photos are no always there, because of the ongoing mental health situation with my son. I am spending lots of time with him on the phone, talking him down, or driving out to see and support him.

We have this wonderful store which sells all kinds of things for any occasion you can think of, from Valentine to Halloween to Christmas and more. This is my go to place when I need photo props, and this is where I found quite a number of the things you see in my advent photos.

With the little time I had, I decided to use this much shorter string of lights, instead of doing a whole bondage thing with lights wrapped around my body.

An image of me in a short-ish black dress, and holding a string of Christmas lights to decorate my back.
A string of Christmas lights to decorate myself…

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