Christmas time is not always family time

Christmas time… a time for family and friends, a time to be together, to laugh, to play games, to have fun and of course, a time to share a good Christmas meal with those you love.

We waited all through the year
For the day to appear
When we could be together in harmony

I have never been someone who couldn’t wait for Christmas to happen. In my childhood, Christmas was always in the middle of our summer vacation, and mostly we were somewhere in a holiday resort. On Christmas Eve we would be given our presents, most of them already forgotten on Christmas day as we went out to swim or play outside.

As a young parent, I did the same as my parents did – presents on Christmas Eve, a normal-ish Christmas dinner and other than that those were just days to be off from work to enjoy and relax. When we moved to Europe, things changed. With the short days, the cold outside — and sometimes even snow — Christmas felt different. I enjoyed having a Christmas tree inside, with the lights on, and presents under the tree. It was wonderful to drive down a street and see all the Christmas decorations on the outside of the houses, or even the lighted trees inside.

You know the time will come
Peace on earth for everyone
And we can live forever in a world where we are free
Let it shine for you and me

Peace on earth for everyone… if only. I really long for a world filled with peace and respect and love and all things good. For a world where everyone is free, and everyone experiences only the good. I hope this time will come, but sadly I don’t think it will be in my lifetime, or that of my children, or even my grandchildren.

We’re all as one tonight
Makes no difference if you’re black or white
‘Cause we can sing together in harmony
I know it’s not too late
The world would be a better place
If we could keep the spirit more than one day in the year
Send a message loud and clear

It’s never to late for the world to become a better place, for everyone to be treated the same, to have the same opportunities, to be accepted for who they are, what they believe, how they identify. We all need to send loud and clear messages, and that is why I will never stop ‘preaching’ love and respect, as every little bit helps to get us to a place where the is a better place for everyone.

It’s the time of year everyone’s together
And celebrate here on Christmas day
When the ones you love are there
You can feel the magic in the air, you know it’s everywhere

When Master T and I got together our youngest was only 7, so the holiday month was always a month of many presents, and on Christmas day we cooked a huge dinner and all of us — our moms, our kids and us — had dinner together. Those were lovely years, but still it wasn’t a time I looked forward to all through the year. And once I had my burnout, the feeling of joy during the Christmas time disappeared for some years, and even more so when my mom passed away. Now I still have lights, but not many, and no tree. And we don’t have huge dinners and huge gatherings anymore, in fact, we keep it as small as possible.

Last year I introduced a new ‘tradition’. Master T and I prefer to have a quiet Christmas time, with just the two of us. We just don’t find joy anymore in big Christmas dinners. Not at this time. In 2019 the kids had dinner together on Christmas Eve, over at our oldest place. On Christmas day, they went to their parents in law, and on the day after Christmas (second Christmas day in our country) they came here for coffee and cake.

We were going to do the same this year, but then the virus happened, and last week the country went into lock-down. On the Christmas days, we are only allowed to have three people over, kids under 12 excluded. So on Christmas day our oldest and her family will be here and on the second Christmas day, my son and his girlfriend. That same afternoon we will drive out to our youngest daughter, and that way we will have seen all the kids during the Christmas days, because even though I don’t want to have huge gatherings and dinners anymore, I do want to see my kids and grandkids.

There’s something about Christmas time
Something about Christmas time
That makes you wish it was Christmas every day
To see the joy in the children’s eyes
The way that the old folks smile
Says that Christmas will never go away

The one thing that gives me the utmost joy, is to see the happiness in my grandchildren’s eyes. We have stopped with Christmas presents some years ago, but I never stopped buying gifts for my two grandsons. When I see their eyes twinkle as they open their presents, my heart warms to the point where tears sting my eyes.

It was the same when my mom was still alive, and also back when Master T’s mom was still with us. Their eyes used to light up too, and their smiles warmed my heart.

I don’t say I will never celebrate Christmas again. In fact, we do celebrate it, but we do it our way. The way it is now, the two of us just want to be together, to have quiet days and no obligations. But who knows how we will feel about it five, six, seven years from now? We might go away for some years, but maybe there comes a day when we are ready to have Christmas gatherings again. Maybe one day we will be the old folks who smile when our grandchildren invite us to Christmas dinners.

There is something about Christmas time, and everyone should celebrate it the way they want to, whether alone, or together. And of course, this year, with taking into account the lock-down rules. I’m sure Christmas 2021 will be different!


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13 thoughts on “Christmas time is not always family time

  1. Great song Marie! I found our Christmas changed quite a bit the past few years as well. It doesn’t hold the same magic it did as a child, but it was still pleasant and most of all my son enjoyed his day.

    1. The most important is for the kids to enjoy it, especially when they are smaller. As for us, we are creating our own Christmas traditions now, and leaving the adult kids free to spend it the way they want to 🙂

  2. Good maybe I didn’t loose every thing I love reading your texts when ever I get them if you my last text 5 min ago might have two e mails please only use mine happy new year

  3. Times have certainly changed, for all of us. I used to enjoy huge family gatherings with trees and lights and presents galore. Through the years it’s come down to just my son and I. He had never known the big Christmas celebrations so he doesn’t miss them. He is happy spending time just the two of us. We have had a tree some years, not this year. I haven’t even wrapped presents this year. We have a pile of packages in a basket, Christmas cards and all our online orders in their Amazon envelopes and shipping wrap. We don’t know what is in most of them so we will open blindly and see what we get. I am thankful to be home and able to spend these days with my son.

    Merry Christmas Marie and Master T!

    1. I actually like the idea of putting everything you ordered in a basket and then opening it on Christmas day. Great idea. Hope you had a nice Christmas, despite being sick.

  4. I hope that you manage to get round everyone this year and your plans go according to plan. It will certainly feel different this year for most people I think. I like the sound of your Christmas for two to be honest. It can feel so hectic with a house full. Missy x

    1. Our Christmas worked out as planned before, and I tried to enjoy in between the stress. Hope your Christmas was a good one, despite it being hectic 🙂 xox

  5. Thank you for sharing. Your words have helped me to put together some of my own thoughts. I hope you are safe and you enjoy your time together this year.

    1. I really enjoyed your post, and love that mine inspired you. Hope you had a nice Christmas time 🙂

  6. I love your writing and not just about sex you hit it on the head with this Christmas coment I hope you have a merry Christmas

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