Christmas stockings, naughty or nice

Net stockings with sparkly stones on them, perfect to be used as Christmas stockings.

Back in 2017 I put a greeting on my blog, to wish my readers and fellow writers happy holidays. The image I shared there is the same as the one above, and where they aren’t really Christmas stockings, they definitely are naughty and nice.

I remember that day

Christmas 2017 was especially difficult for me, as it was less than 6 months after my mom had passed. It was long before I had my photo studio, and when I wanted to take any photos, I had to do it in our bedroom. It was even before our bedroom was redone in May 2018.

I guess back then I had a bit of a shopping frenzy – retail therapy, right?! – and I ordered quite a couple of net stockings from a well-known online shop. I ordered this pair with sparkles too, and on this day put them on for the first time. I snapped a couple of images with my camera, continued to get dressed and that evening we went to our usual place.

As we walked from the car to the entrance, occasionally I felt something ‘strange’ between my thighs, but I couldn’t fathom what it was. Once on a bar stool, a drink in hand, I forgot about this, but the same happened when we walked back to the car later that evening, ready to go home.

Christmas stockings, naughty or nice

It was only when we got home that I decided to check what exactly it was that felt so awkward. It turned out that the little stones on the stockings were getting hooked on the net of the opposite thigh. There was one big hole where earlier there was fishnet.

These stockings seemed perfect to wear with Christmas time and for Christmas photos, even though they weren’t really Christmas stockings, but sadly after this one day, I had to throw them away.

Net stockings with sparkly stones on them, perfect to be used as Christmas stockings.

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10 thoughts on “Christmas stockings, naughty or nice

    1. Thanks, May! Would love to see photos of your beautiful legs in your stockings 😉 xox

    1. Thanks, sindee. I might just get myself another pair and then only use them for photos 😉

  1. Nice gams!
    Beautifully encased.
    Finely displayed
    Loved the story. Note to self, jeweled stocks for
    Pics and show not for walking.

    1. Yep, if only the manufacturers have thought of not putting those stones on the inner thighs 😉

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