Christmas party… are you coming?

In these times of social distancing and lock-downs, a Christmas party is not something we think about, let alone inviting people to come along.

Now I am not really one for Christmas parties, and prefer to celebrate the days as quiet as possible. Master T has to work a lot during December and January, because of the company he works for, so the two Christmas days are always time for him to relax. And Christmas parties? We never go to them.

However, tonight at 8pm UK time, there will be a Christmas party at The SafeworD/s Club, as it’s Tuesday, and there is an online chat hour every Tuesday and Sunday evening. Tonight the chat will be a virtual party, where we will have fun with guessing different blurred body parts and who they belong to.

My outfit for tonight is a super short black dress, leaving most of my bottom bare, stockings, a red Christmas hat with some wild animal print in the border. To complete the picture: high heels which reflects the same animal print, the red of the hat and the black of my dress. I don’t think people at the club will mind that I am sparsely dressed.

And of course, as it happens at parties, I will have a drink or two, and we will laugh and chat and just have fun. Come join us?

An image of me in a short black dress, stockings and a Christmas hat, ready for the Christmas party on The SafeworD/s club.

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