Play with those Christmas baubles

Play with those Christmas Baubles – Time for some breast or ball play to complete the advent fun. Remember to check back and let us know what you got up to

It’s the day before Christmas, and also the penultimate day of The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar 2020.

When I read through the list of tasks for the Advent Calendar 2020, I really wondered what I would do for day 24, as the most obvious to me was to do something with both my breasts and Christmas baubles. However, to just hang a bauble from each of my breasts only seemed like i would be repeating what I did for day 10. I wanted something different.

I made three trips to a specific store to get props for my images. On the first trip, I had Christmas baubles in my hands, but put them back, and on the third trip – just hours before we went into lock-down, and just after I made a quick visit to the hairdressers – I went to get them. I still had no idea just what the image would look like, but I liked that these baubles were all on one piece of ribbon, and that they had texts printed on them, such as ‘Merry Xmas’ and ‘With love’.

The image itself just sort of happened. At first I was sitting, with the tree and the red ‘Xmas’ sort of next to and behind me. Then I thought of an image I shared before and I decided to recreate it, but then of course in a Christmas sphere.

I guess this means, since I have my breasts and baubles in the image, that I completed this task to full satisfaction, don’t you think? And maybe those piercing balls can be ‘mistaken’ for baubles… you know, Christmas spirit and all that…

An image of me, showing my breasts with Christmas baubles hanging from it.
Decorated for Christmas
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