Not a cane, but candy canes!

So, I am sure when the list for this months Kinky Community Advent Calendar was created, the candy canes they had in mind was something totally different from what I am showing you today.

Prompt for day 2

The prompt for the second day of this advent calendar is as follows:

Candy Canes – Whether you are going for the sweet treat or the impact version, show us your best D/s candy cane ideas.

I would have loved to have had some actual candy canes, but have only ever seen them sold in the bigger cities, or at the airports. In our small town (even though they call it a city) I have never seen candy canes in the shop. That is why, back in 2018, I bought this fun string of Christmas lights, and took a couple of images with my phone, of which I am re-sharing the one below.

Now I know my candy canes might not be as kinky as real canes, but I think this image, is kinky enough, don’t you think?

An image of a string of Christmas lights in the form of candy canes.
Who wants to share me… or share candy canes with me?

Nice to see again

I have been posting images on my blog from way back when I started. As happens with blogs, the words you have written and shared move further and further to the background as time goes by. That makes it extra special to look back on that old content, and share those words and images once more.

I have shared quite a number of Christmas images in the past, some taken by me, others by Master T, and I am sure if I look through our photo archives, I will find images I haven’t shared before.

I hope you enjoy this journey of sharing as much as I do!

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20 thoughts on “Not a cane, but candy canes!

  1. Christmas lights definitely worth hanging again this year. We definitely need some brightening up after such a crappy 2020.
    BTW, candy canes are for licking and sucking, aren’t they?

    1. Oh yes they are for licking and sucking 😉
      And I totally agree that we need some brightening up!

  2. An amazing image Marie. And so glad that you are able to use them again on your blog and add them to the Advent Calendar.

  3. Super sweet indeed, I love how fun and festive this is…with the right note of naughty! Thank you for all your support this year and sending Christmas love your way xx

  4. What a fun set of lights and they look really good on you. Sending you love for Christmas and a special thank you for your support and encouragement this year ?

  5. Can’t tell if you added a piercing or an entire zipper to your underground lair.

    May all your holidays have non boring names and lots of inappropriate festivities.

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