Are you being served?

Are you being served? – Provide a service to someone without being asked.

I can’t believe we are already to day 12 of The SWC Kinky Community Advent Calendar, and sort of halfway to the end of it. I am thoroughly enjoying searching for photos to go with my posts, or thinking up new ones to take. After the comments I have on yesterday’s image, and the fact that Master T complimented me on the image, I am even more energized to complete this advent ‘challenge’.
Thank you, Missy, for coming up with the idea to make this a community thing!

Today’s prompt: Are you being served?

In a post earlier this year, I concluded with these words: I still don’t think I am a service sub, but I am definitely a sub who loves to be of service to her owner, and it makes both of us happier people.

Even though I don’t identify as a service sub, I was adamant to provide Master T with a service today. A week ago our youngest daughter moved out, and she sort of left her old bedroom a mess, saying that she will come back ‘next week’ to clean it up. There was stuff that needed to go to the dump, and the room desperately needed a dusting and vacuum cleaning.

Then Master T mentioned some more things he wanted to do today, meaning we would have an incredibly busy day, something I try to avoid because of the state of my mind. But, I remembered the prompt for today: are you being served. I decided that today was going to be a day on which I serve Master T. What he wanted, would happen.

Our day and my service to Master T.

My first service to him was to ask him whether he wanted to use the bathroom first, when we woke up. I have started doing this some weeks ago, but not every day. I actually like asking him this, so will keep on doing this from now on.

The next service was to carry all things to the car that needed to go to the dump, and then to drive over there. Next I did the driving to the kink store, to buy a new night collar, as the one we bought a couple of weeks ago is too broad to sleep with all night. From there we came home, and then went to the shopping center to hand in some ‘coupon books’ (more about this in a couple of weeks), and on to the butchery.

I needed to go to one more store, and before we left from home I asked him whether he wanted to walk there with me. Normally I would just tell him that I will go there by myself, but now I gave him the choice (which is the way it should be, right?). There was a line at the butchery and he told me to go to the other store and he will wait there for me. I said ‘yes Sir’, and did as I was told.

A different way of thinking

Back home after that, I looked back on the day and really felt like I have served him. I noticed how just a slightly different way of thinking, can help my submissive mindset. I have been so used for so long to take control, that it’s difficult to give it back, but with these small things, I might take more than just tiny baby steps.

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